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Heavenly Sword marketing guy here. Usually I just watch this blog from the sidelines and let our production teams talk (because lets face it, you guys don’t want to hear our marketing mumbo-jumbo) … but our blog team asked me to elaborate on the recent Heavenly Sword videos we just released, so here it is. Hopefully without all the marketing buzz words.


This week’s release of the Heavenly Sword animation prequel and the “Making of” series marks the start of a five-week video campaign that leads into the game’s release. The plan was to provide an exclusive peek to our GAP members on Mondays, then release publicly on Thursdays via the PLAYSTATION Store and on HeavenlySword.com. But this thing called the “World-Wide-Web,” is an amazing animal that doesn’t do too well with keeping things um, secret. So as soon as it hit our “exclusive group,” it basically spread everywhere (not necessarily a bad thing). The good news is, despite the early release, the benefit of downloading the video on your PS3 is that you can watch it in full HD glory on your HD television screen [cue angelic chorus].

As for the videos – the animation prequel gives you a glimpse of the Heavenly Sword pre-history up until the start of the game. This “making of” series highlights the team’s efforts to bring you Heavenly Sword, focusing on different elements of production. I know many of you can’t wait to play the game (…something about the demo being too short…), but hopefully these will be enough to keep you waiting until September 12.

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  • The blog entries are always so well written, I comment you on not only the subject matter but the way you also bring it.

  • anyway good job getting the idea from clone wars and implementiing it in a simiiar way.AKA not ripping off. im not being sarcastic. good job also they’re short enough to put on Toonami.as far as i know they love doing this stuff. will there also be any DLC for HS latrer in its life? the lack of co-op is keepingme from picking this over rtchet and clank. im 6th or 7th.
    ^toonami link. theres also an american block.

  • both of these videos are 720p in the UK store so i doubt they will be 1080p in the US store. the game only supports 480p/720p anyways.

  • Well it was obvious that someone was going to leek it, but who cares, in the end everybody will get it, is not that it was “limited edition” or something, anyways, I like the animation, will you guys considerate making a Heavenly Sword PSP game using this kind of art? It should fit perfectly with the PSP.

  • There’s no reason for co-op in this game. It’s an original single player game and great as it is.

    Also, the entries really are well written :) I think it brings out more enjoyment to reading it than improper grammar.

  • wow! 720p! welcome to last gen, slackers.

  • 5th. Same physics used on the hair in HS used in the moving banners in this video? lol

  • nice I will download it later on the PSN.
    Im really looking forward to Heavenly Sword!!

    Anyways, my opinion is we would really like to know how a game or the PS3 in general is being marketed.

    I mean saw an aricle somewhere stating that 60 percent of PS3 users dont know about Blu-ray functionality??

    Thats something developers and Sony should explit and try to market.

  • I saw this a few days ago through nefarious means (ok, YouTube), and it was quite impressive. It’ll be nice to see it in HD tonight. :)

  • @Mark Valledor
    Is the narrator in this short used anywhere in the actual game? He’s pretty good.

  • @5
    i still want it. non online games regretably get put low on my list. i dont like putting games low on my list lke that. but thats the way my mind goes. im getting ratchet without online cause of the weapons. and guys please tell me that the combo list on the demo isnt all there is. i know there are ??? onesbut the ones already unlocked and the ones ??? combined. do they equal the total that will be in the complete game? if so there should also be DLC for that to(more combos) thats whats also keeping me. only 3 combos in power mode? i now there HAS ti be way more than that guys.
    anyway good advertiseing guys. like i said before please get this on the TV somehow.

  • this is the only thing we get for the PSN store this week? Please tell me no. I mean I do enjoy this stuff but I was hoping for more.

  • Is this going to be the length of all of the HS animated episodes, cause if they are, I was hoping for maybe… I don’t know a 2 hour episode finally? Come on I know you can pull it of I’ll even pay $10 to see it….. lol.. just kiding (unless you want to do it.) The shorts look awesome, can’t wait for next week.

    BTW, yeah the demo was really, really, really short, like Gary Coleman short you know. But thats OK, I don’t want any spoilers anyways….

  • @6
    it would be very dumb to put a video of a game in a resoulution that the games not going to be in. it would give people the wrong impression. and people would think that they lied.

  • I have a question. Is heavenly sword going to run at 30fps or 60?

  • Very nice animation dude! Is this the stuff being included on the actual game disc (I heard some anime about HS was being included) or is it something else?

  • I like the anime, great job Sony, saw it earlier this week though on the G.A.P. exclusive.


    Sony, I’m posting this here because everytime I try to use the e-mail to Sony thing, it gives me an error saying “Remarks Are Invalid”. So until you fix it, leave this comment here, and read it. I don’t like posting off-topic, but if I can’t e-mail you, how am I going to get this to you. And if you don’t respond here, I’m going to have to keep posting it.


    Check out this link:


    A very crafty member named Cruzader made his view of what the PlayStation Store should like look. And sorry to say Sony, his is much better than the current. When you check the link, the whole thread, contact Cruzader and start working on the new PlayStation Store.


    Also, you should start talking with third-parties because you guys are lacking them with demos, heres the multiplatform demos 360 got but we didn’t:

    NASCAR 08
    Juiced 2
    NCAA 08
    All-Star Football 2K8
    Fatal Inernia
    Harry Potter OOTP
    The Bigs
    Stuntman Ignition
    Surfs Up (odd they got it and we didnt seeing as the movie was made at Sony)
    Vampire Rain
    Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
    Blacksite: Area 51

    I’m gonna stop this seeing as my point was made. You guys said you stopped OPM because you can provide demos on the PlayStation Network. Well, what about the PS2 demos? We can’t even get those anymore thanks to the cancelling of OPM. I mean, I’d understand if no new games come out for PS2 anymore, but there still is. We should of seen demos for:

    God of War II
    Final Fantasy XII
    Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3
    Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007

    Also, on the PlayStation Network, the ability to change our country would be nice as I have a friend who is moving and he does not want to make a whole new PlayStation Network ID because he needs to change his country. Also, a comment on the taxes on the store. I really think they are kind of stupid, because we can only add amounts of $5.00 to our wallet, so when I added $5.00 about two months ago to buy RAMPAGE: World Tour, it costed me like $5.61 and I didn’t want to add another $5.00 cause’ it was a giftcard.e’ it was a giftcard.

  • StuntF50: That mockup is very poorly made, why bother sony with this non-professionalism?

  • @StuntF50
    I absolutley agree with you regarding the demos, with most of the multiplatform games usually always the demo’s end up on Xbox Live not PSN. This is an issue Sony really has to address, that kind of shows that Multiplatform games are usually better on the 360. What about the recent Stranglehold demo on the PSN, Xbox live got theirs a few days ago. that is crap.


  • @StuntF50

    Yeah i’ve seen that before its very cool and hopefully Sony might take some of it and use it themselves because the current look and state of the store in my opinion is unacceptable. Why would your average Joe consumer prefer such slim amounts of content that really interests people e.g Demos & games over masses of it on Xbox Live. I wish sony would ramp up the amount of stuff on the store and more importantly the amount of classic games.

  • I was hoping Sony would get on a roll with the demos. :-(

    But anyway, the HS videos are cool, I got a sneak peak being in GAP, but I thought they’d be longer.

  • Nice, and thanks for the PS Store download. All the PS Store stuff looks extremely good on my TV. It’s a shame myself and a lot of others won’t be buying it because of the lack of 1080i support, though. Hopefully, Sony adds it through a firmware upgrade, but until then, we’re stuck with 480p :(

  • Makasu: Don’t know what your’e seeing because most of the PS3 community prefers that over the PS Store now.

  • Is the video going to be in the game? Cause in that cause I wanna wait and watch.

  • What happened to MODs on this Blog?? StuntF50 spams this blog every single post with his pointless rants. It is really annoying.

    BTW I love the HS Video, great stuff

  • Efenili: Not like I want to spam, the comment system don’t work so I have no other choice, how else am I gonna get this to Sony.

  • “The good news is, despite the early release, the benefit of downloading the video on your PS3 is that you can watch it in full HD glory on your HD television screen [cue angelic chorus]. ”

    I guess not so much without 1080 upscaling support. Its a shame that is potentialy very fun will lose sales because it wont upscale to 1080, thus NOT being “full HD glory on your HD television screen “

  • I like the idea of these prequel videos leading up to the games release. Thanks for posting it!

  • I’ll definitely download it tonight.

  • I Am going to get HevenlySword at releas day (URGH September gona cost me first Lair, Hevenlysword and now end of August Warhawk) thats just insane ? um might have to get Warhawk mid/end september cos of Hevenlysword.
    I did download the making of vid today from the PS-store. you are going to fight 2000 yes 2000 “haters” at once ? @ the big open feeld filld wiht enemys. WOWAWIA . Hmm oki i do now know wot i must do i must “sell back “my copy of Ninja Gaiden sigma in september ( I will get 450-550:-Kr for Ninja Gaiden Sigma and get Hevenly sword for 645 Kr thats about 100-150 kr for a game lol :P ) also is ther some onlne stuff in hevenlysword ? download new stuff ? less clodes for the heroin ?

  • PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE Dont delay this game again, PLEASE.

  • @stuntf50

    I agree with posting this here, as the mockup is really nice. Hopefully someone from Sony will respond. Also as a suggestion it would be nice if this site had some sort of forum added to it. It would be nice to see people create constructive threads and see Sony respond.

  • @ Mark Valledor

    Nice post “marketing guy” :-) is nice to see post from many people in this blog. I hope you drop by again and bring us some more good news…

  • @34
    How bout 1080p support ;)

  • this anime prequel for HS is fantastic! I love where the story starts at the end with Nariko and then suddenly flashes back to the origins of the Heavenly Sword brought by the Heavenly Warrior. Great story, great narration, great everything. will definatly be downloading.

  • Thanks for the update. And yes we can not wait to play Heavenly Sword. Now I cant wait for this workday to end. I was hopeing that the prequel was going to be a PSP game though. This video is still nice though. Thanks.

  • As the team told me the post went live, I’m boarding a flight back to home base. I’ll jump back on and answer more Q’s when I land.

    But real quick…

    – twinsdad: thanks, was writing this last night and was worried the comments would be brutal (although I’m sure I’ll get a fair share). And I’m glad the first comment isn’t a stupid “1st…”

    – coolasj19: believe me we tried to get it pushed on TV. Maybe comments like this will help the cause

    – neil:that’s gonna have to be another post (and not from my Blackberry…murder on the thumbs)

    – ogshady: Definately a good cast. But in the game, the narration is more from Nariko’s POV…but I’m sure Kyle will pimpslap me if I’m wrong…

    …just heard the ‘ding’ and stuck in the center aisle with a paranoid woman on my left and a business man reading the latest Potter book on my right. I wish he was playing PSP instead so I can say “CLUSTER BOMB!!!”…sorry, marketing joke around the office.

  • Cool video!The HS Demo was very short but sweet.Also agree with stuntF50:more demos and stuff you know….that old chestnut.Been waiting all week for Thursday.

  • You didn’t get the memo?

    Heavenly Sword is being delayed 2 weeks per SCEA.

  • I keep watching this animation trying to figure out how it was done. Is it 3D? Is it 2D? Is it rotoscoped from 3D? Is it Flash? I can’t tell (maybe watching it in HD will help me), all I know is I’m absolutlely in love with it and I can’t wait for more. This is the right way to get people excited for the game’s release, nice job marketing guy.

    And yes, Clone Wars kicks @$$.

  • thanks for your entry, it wasnt all markety.
    the video was incredible, i cant wait to see next weeks entry.

  • Heavenly sword looks awesome and I cant wait.

    Wish my PS3 wasn’t broken now so I can download those videos in full HD. (or is it 720p?)

  • Looks good, but drat! I was really hoping the Ratchet demo would hit this week. Sadness.

  • Awesome post!

    Can’t wait to watch it in HD!

    P.S. That would be funny if the guy next to you was playing Ratchet on PSP….lol

  • lol cluster bomb

  • When is it going to come out? and is it a series like Clone Wars?

  • That is one amazing looking video. I was very impressed with it. I just picked up my PS3 last night and I am looking into building up my titles. With PlayStation and PlayStation 2 I had only primarily sports titles.








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