PlayStation @ X-Games 13

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X Games 13 Half Pipe

I’m back to give you the scoop on PlayStation’s presence at X Games 13, which was this past weekend in Los Angeles. As part of our sponsorship, we were on-site with the PlayStation Experience truck, where players were able to get up close and personal with our upcoming line-up for the PlayStation 3 including Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, and Heavenly Sword. Motorstorm and Tony Hawk: Project 8 were also on hand, and are still hugely popular! It was a really great event, and more than 5,500 people came on board the truck to play! Check out some of the pics below and via our Flickr page.

Congrats go out to Shaun White for taking home the gold in Skateboard Vert! After owning gold in snowboarding at the Winter X Games, Shaun is now the only two-season, board sport X Games champion of all time!

If you were watching TV or reading any newspaper this weekend, you no doubt heard about Jake Brown. During the Skateboard Big Air Finals, Jake Brown went up off the quarter pipe at the end of the mega ramp, lost control of his skateboard and fell 50 feet. He fell incredibly hard, but thankfully was able to get up and walk away!

Congrats to all of the participants and this year’s winners! We’ll see you next time we have the PlayStation Experience truck at one of these events and be sure to report back.

Sony PlayStation @ X Games 13

X Games 13 Half Pipe and CrowdX Games 5 - Jumbotron

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  • wish i would’ve gone just to play some ratchet and clank.. hope the ps3 trucks come back to atl sometime soon..

  • Really looking forwar for R&C.

  • Congrats on getting the word out to that young hardcore crowd

  • man my bro (shameless plug: the other co-founder of our indy games studio /end shameless plug) looked up a youtube video of that guy falling 50 feet—-yeow man no thanks i will stick to rollercoasters LOL—at least if you crash on those it isn’t your fault!

  • It’s always Shaun White isn’t it?

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    […] PlayStation @ X-Games 13 […]

  • So now that the demo was at the X-Games surely it’ll be on the PSStore in no time at all… right? :)

  • Doh I was at the OC fair.

  • man i wish i was there to play R&C and HS

  • X-Games rock

  • I’ve never seen one of those trucks.

  • this event look so nice sad i live in canada LOL :) I have a request and i will try to ask it the most often possible sorry but i find this really bad : why ther so less classic Game for psp on the ps store someone can answer me please i thing is most than a year that option availuable and the games offer @#$% so please put some effort on it. I just want to finish to say its now 2 year i got my psp and i said to every friend hey i cant wait to play that on my psp or that game, i said i cant wait to buy my ps3 (not only for that) but to try that option and to play great psone game. And when i look on the ps store there any psone good game (maybe only Castlevania) but all the other are really ….. i dont know if u make money with that but i think u canreally do better than that …….. anyway i still think u do great job and i hope u will adjust that guy … sorry if i borred people but that frustrated me a lot :(

  • Yeah I saw that bail on the news,both his shoes came off.He’s Lucky.

  • Cool. Get the Ratchet Demo on to the PSN. This will be a great way to hold out until Madden which can get you to Warhawk. From their you lineup is strong enough to get through the rest of the year.

  • I would have gone to the XGames just to play R&C. Hey Sony! Bring some of the newest stuff to the Playstation Store @ the Metreon in San Francisco. Reward the CA fan base and keep up the good work.

  • The Metreon ROCKS! That place is awesome! so I agree with cdalgard.

  • Would love to get stuff like this in Canada. Always seems everyone else gets it. :-S

    Should also have the event listing on this blog some where that covers North America. Just a suggestion.

    But great to see a report on it. :-)

  • Wow 13 years of X-games. I am starting to feel old.

    @ Jill
    Has the schedule been set for the PlayStation Experience truck and when will it be back down in Dallas?

    If I still lived in Cali. I also would have gone just to play R&CF TOD. PSN this week please.

    And if any of you guys go to San Francisco make sure you check out the Playstation Store, it is better than Disney World.

  • Great job Sony for promoting your projects and spreading the Playstation love. I think Ratchet, Heavenly Sword and Warhawk including Lair are all great games that will get people to jump the Sony bandwagon. Man but I can’t wait till we get the Lair and Ratchet and Clank demo.

  • Playstation truck in LA area, please! I wants me some Uncharted. Granted, it didn’t say uncharted was in there, but it should have been. As soon as it is, and it’s in the LA area, let me know.

  • Ok, I’m an idiot… I dont’ follow the x-games, I had no clue they took place in LA

    Should have gone… But there was no uncharted, so oh well.

  • I am glad Jake was able to walk away from that. It was all bad news for a moment.

  • Id be happy for this news IF…. You would put Ratchet & Clank on PSN first…. Then post this. Because all you are really doing is teasing us with this crap. ALSO… I am sure what they got to play of Heavenly Sword was way more then what our demo consisted of…. So, go ahead and toss that on there as well. Thanks.

  • Thats Sweet!!!!!!!!!

  • I had a great time at the X-Games. I knew PlayStation was sponsoring the event so I knew there was going to be something PlayStation around this place. I was surprised when I saw Ratchet & Clank FToD in playable form. The game was great and they had 3 kiosk to play the game; 2 with small screens and 1 on a huge XBR Bravia (the one on the picture). The only problem I had there was that the controller on the PS3 I was playing on was not working. Anyways the event was cool and I had a great time.

  • Damn, they’re all so lucky…

    It’s nice to see PlayStation supporting the X games =).

  • I don’t understand why demos, like ratchet and clank are at events like this and not in our PSN…

    they are good enough for this events, but not for the general public?

    btw, I think it is time for a new poll…

  • @ Jill Grabenkort

    As quoted from “Kratos_ate_Snake”

    I don’t understand why demos, like ratchet and clank are at events like this and not in our PSN…


    He has a very veyr good point there, I don’t see why you can offer them to people that board the PlayStation Truck but not the consumers that already have one. At least give us the demos a day late than the trucks get them That way we can try them out too.

    Take for example Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 coming out for the PlayStation 3 on August 28. I’ve nevered had a chance to play GRAW 2 or even GRAW 1. That being said when I download it from the PS Store about a week ago (give or take a day or two) I fell in love with the demo. I’ve played the demo at least 13 times since downloading it. The demos are how you are going to get out the th consumers that can’t risk buying a game they’ve never played before. An example of that is me; when I bought my PS3 on November 17, 2006 (yes, release date. how stupid of me…) I bought a game I knew would never be bad, Call of Duty 3. Boy was I wrong. Activision really dropped the ball on it, the multiplayer hasn’t been update since release date…. I’m getting off track here…

    What I’m try to say is the demos are one sure-fire way people are going to buy the game, same goes with beta’s. I beta tested Warhawk. (Never played it before that, so was never going to buy it) I’m buying this game on release date as-well.

    Well, thanks for reading my post. I hope the message got through to you.

    My PSNetwork ID is “The-Last-One”

  • Demo of Ratchet please! But can we have the full version please, the HS demo at the events is longer than the PSN version.

  • :O I want to play some Rachet too.

  • Hmmm, didn’t Patrick make an announcement about “demo’s” during the Comment Monitoring Post? Some people never learn I guess.

  • Oh, and any chance the Playstation Experience Truck would make its way into Canada. And is Kristen Keily on there doing reports for…just wondering, really. :-)

  • I want to drive the playstation truck.

  • I think that the reason that they haven’t released demos for Ratchet and Clank etc is because they are trying to find the correct time in their calendars release their demos on the PSN since they know when we release the demos it will be very hyped so they don’t want to overshadow other games or other 3rd party releases. Sony has things planned out just trust them. The’ve been in the business long to know when to release something so that it has the biggest impact.

  • PLEASE tell me that this means we will be gettting the R&C demo this week.

    : )

  • “Shaun is now the only two-season, board sport X Games champion of all time!”

    That sentence doesn’t make sense.

  • to bad i didnt go to the calgary stampede to play some ratchet. dam.

  • Mmmm, Ratchet and Clank demo makes me salivate!

    It was a good x-Games this year, very fun to watch even though I couldn’t go as I am up here in the north bay. Glad to see people enjoying the PS3 over there.
    I assume you can also see that many people are really waiting for the Release of Ratchet and Clank. It is definitely in the top 5 games I am waiting for and I can’t wait to get my hands on it….even a Demo in the mean time would be great ;) hint hint!!

    haha, Keep it up guys!!

  • Yep I would say the top 5 first party releases for Sony this holiday are
    1.Heavenly Sword
    2. Ratchet and Clank FTOD
    3. Lair
    4. Warhawk
    5. Uncharted Drakes Fortune

    You could switch one and 2 if you want.

  • Ratchet and Clank always was a great series. I’m so jealous of those that were there.

  • Honestly i am not that hyped on the x-games promotion. Not doggin it, just not that interested. I would love to see some of the games though.

  • DAMN!!!
    Did you guys mention that the PS truck was going through L.A. in a previous blog? Had I known I would have been there!

  • I live like 25 minutes from Staples Center. If I would have known that Playstation Experience Truck was going to be there I would have been there too!

  • Jake Brown survived that fall because he played his Playstation 3 that morning, therefore blessing him with immortal powers. He wasn’t wearing his shoes while playing his PS3, so that’s why they ate the dust.

    Lol :)

  • Did Jake Brown land on a PS3? Or did he have a PS3 in his pocket and that caused his speed wobbles?

  • This is one game I am rally looking forward to

  • i wish i could go to one of these events….

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