Game Critics Awards Announced

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2007 Game Critics Award
In case you haven’t seen this yet, the E3 2007 Game Critics Award winners were released earlier today. For those of you unfamiliar with the Game Critics, it’s a collection of independent journalists that cover the videogame industry. And, in their words:

“These awards recognize the games that will shape the future of interactive entertainment, as demonstrated via hands-on playable form at the 2007 E3 Media and Business Summit”

We here at SCEA wanted to extend a quick congrats to all those nominated, especially the people behind the PlayStation games that were recognized this year; in particular, the teams at Media Molecule for Little Big Planet which won “Best Original Game” and at Guerilla Games for Killzone 2 which earned “Special Commendation for Graphics.” Congratulations all!

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  • LBP AND KILLZONE 2 are amazing games not just graphically but their inique gameplay elements. These 2 games really do deserve these awards, and many, many, more.

  • 100% agree with #1. Will be a great day for gamers when these 2 games are released.

  • 2 great games and 2 great awards.

  • Good job! I hope you guys have a lot in store for Leipzig and Tokyo.

  • How did VF5 get the award but they didn’t mention PS3 in the versions?

  • WOOO, Little Big Planet :D

  • amazing first ten. also Wo0t!!!!! those totally deserved it. even though echochrome shouldve been recognized. and KIllzone Wo0t!!!!!! best graphics oh yea.

  • Nice news. I thought you were going to talk about the UK awards that PS3 got last week but I guess they were on Three Speech.

    Can’t wait for these games, GT5 and MGS4.

  • Congrats on the honors.

  • LBP is the obvious. It’s like the next best thing since slice bread.

  • Great job Media Molecule!
    congrats on the nomination.

  • LSP and killzone 2 rulez!

    But Sony can you certified I will keep my PS3 for ever. There’s some suing info circulating on the net.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    PS3 had the best showing in pretty much every category period!

    Something great for everyone. It had most of the 360’s big third party games, and even more great first party stuff than Nintendo.

  • The sales of the wii is getting into everyone’s heads, that thing is already about to take market leader…its unstoppable, why do people want it? Its not so innovative and the games are terrible is it the price?

  • How did LOZ for DS get the handheld award two years in a row? The new Syphon Filter and GoW CoO for PSP are both going to be better games.

  • I’m quite amazed with LBP and I think the rest of the world will be too.

  • And so it begins!

    PGR 4 Data Too Much For DVD

    I think we all saw this one coming.


    ps2 games have ugly black colors, give us Full Range RGB HDMI for PS2 games…..

  • Great job Sony! Rockband looks good but it is going to cost $200! I could get Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy 13, and Gran Turismo 5 for $20 less dollars!

  • @Kratos_ate_Snake
    I know how do they get “We are working on it” to become “ZOMG XMB IN NEXT UPDATE YES!!!”

  • @HK-48
    That’s the entire bundle of the 2 guitars, game, mic, and drums. Apart they cost over $250. So you can get them individually you know?

  • Littlebigplanet rules!

  • awesome job. littlebigplanet and killzone are system sellers

  • I hope Littlebigplanet gets released on blueray disk as well as online like Warhawk. I have no way of paying to download any of Sony’s games. I would love to get a hold of an actual bd copy of Littlebigplanet when it comes out.

  • I do have broadband. Just no debit or credit card.

  • Thats Good.

  • @psx_warrior

    Littlebigplanet is coming to Blu-Ray, you can reserve it at your local Gamestop.

  • Sony, try to speak with SEGA to release VF5 Patch that will makes us play Online and have the latest version of the Arcade game, a lot of VF fans that got it for the PS3 got a bit disappointed by the news, if you can get a patch ala Tekken DR Online by PSN, it should be great. Hope this get through.

  • I agree with #31

    I think Sony should do something about VF5 in PS3. It’s unfair that PS3 version wont have online. I liked SEGA but they’ve eaten their words themselves. Please sony do something about it!!!

  • I am glad to see Killzone 2 got a award

  • Looks like the ‘other’ big system had most of the awards.

    And it really drives in the lack of great games for the Wii.

  • To be fair Bioshock looks like a very interesting game. I hope it’s a timed exclusive on Xbox360 and will make it’s way to PS3 eventually. Mass Effect I’m not so convinced about. I have not seen enough game play to be won over.

    Great to see LBP and KZ2 in the awards list!

  • First I want to say congratz

    I also want to bring to the attention of SCEA that the friends notice alert on the PSN needs to be see through.

    I know the friends alert can be turned off but no one wants to do that. I just think that instead of it being opaque it should be transparent so when it pops up I don’t completely lose my map or sight of my WR

    I know this isn’t the right space but I don’t know where else to put this

  • By the way everyone, when Sega announced that VF5 would be online on xboxlive… they also mentioned a free patch for ps3 players will be in the near future, no details were given, and i can’t seem to find the links to prove myself, but I do remember reading this tidbit of info in the recent past, so don’t worry so much, besides they may have VF online but they’ll never have Tekken online…

  • Totally deserved for Killzone 2 (and LBP for that matter). KZ2 looks ridiculous and the artistic choices and focus is perfect. It’s still a bit surreal that it’s a early 08 game and not a title way off.

  • … and OMG look at all the ridiculous requests you all are giving Sony … come on guys, just stick to the basics for now, what’s first and foremost, most important… Games-Games-Games- and Firmware updates.
    -Honestly if I could ask for one update sooner than others I’d ask for vid capture/splicing software/firmware update so i can record ps3 gameplay footage, add my own music tracks and upload them to youtube etc, to make sour fanboys eat their ridiculous claims.

  • Good job SCE & Guerilla Games!

  • A nice golf clap to everyone involved in the process at Sony, Guerrilla Games, and the LBP creators.

    Now where’s the FF7 remake?

    Just kidding, I know alot of fanboys are still foaming at the mouth due to Square-Enix’s conceptual footage from 2005.

  • little big planet only 1? need to get all!!

  • Congrats to all who were a part of making such great games. LBP and Killzone 2 are going to be well received games by the process and ideas they’ve come up with so far.

    By the way, those new GT5 screen shots threespeech has up look incredibly amazing! GT5 has never looked this great before, and the new in dash view looks gorgeous. Can’t wait for Prologue!

  • Grats, you guys really deserve it

  • You know? This kind of lets me know that Sony has alot of untapped potential that 3rd party developer are not wanting to use. When 3rd parties make half baked games, I get very frustrated. For example, I was reading my monthly EGM magazine. I looked at some of the reviews, Lair being the most disappointing one reviewer gave it a 6.0 and 2 others gave it 5s. It was to my dismay that NCAA College Football, and I quote, “ran at 60 frames per/sec” on the Xbox360, but said that the PS3 version of NCAA College Football ran at only half that and had other bugs in it. But thats not the depressing part, they also said that they plan on shipping it that way.

    Sony needs to get in the ear of these 3rd parties developer who design games for multiplatforms. I mean half. I know the PS3 is capable of more. Its not fair to fanboys like me (and I am a fanboy). I hope that next year will be different because it seems like to me the dev guys are just not willing to use the technology that is in the PS3. Come on, the PS3 has all those SPUs and processing ability probably only half of all that is being used.

    Sony please, do something about this. It just not fair for gamers who like spots games like NBA 2k_ or the such like.

  • To: Sony

    To whom it may concern.

    Your studios have created games for two sport franchises. For baseball it is MLB xx and for basketball NBAxx why havent you made a football game as yet. If your company is the only one who seems to can get their sports games to run at 1080p 60fps why not have a football game as yet. It should be in your interest to have us the gamers experience new sport games that really incorporate more realism and top notch 3d effects. EA Madden looks too colorful and still moves like a game from last gen. Will you be stepping up to the challenge or keep letting them [DELETED] on us PS3 owners. Thank you.

    P.S. Killzone2 incorporate phenomenal physics and 3d effects so when an EA official talks crap about it being hard to create a more realistic football game i think to myself what tha [DELETED].

  • were is the little big planet beta that were supposed to get?

  • Cool congrats to LBP and Killzone 2 :)


    Let me rant for a second. I am sick and tired of Microsoft, Xbox 360, and there fan boys holding back the video game industry.

    What was Microsoft thinking when they chose to stay with DVD as there game storage format. Come on, developers started needing more space with PS2 and Xbox, well the good ones anyway.

    GTA IV looks better yet Liberty City is 25% smaller than San Andreas. Halo 3 will be good online yet the single player campaign looks like Halo 2 for the most part, And PGR4 dose not have night time because they can’t fit the game on the disc. Gears of War, great game but to short and missing a key boss fight that will be running on the PC version?

    With Blu-Ray all of these problems go away. Developers have no constraints, and all these 360 games that are ported to the PS3 would not be last generation games with more polish.

    @ Third party developers. Yes I said it, third party cross platform games have been compromised due to a weaker systems needs. You want to talk about recouping your development cost. Lets see, as I remember games like Madden (At you EA), and GTA (Rockstar), “thanks again for the new exclusive IP, again”, sold hardware units. People spent hundreds of dollars to play your games because last generation they where revolutionary, instead of watered down versions of what you can, should, and probably want to be doing.

    Last time I checked investments that have huge payoffs also have risk involved.

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