Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow Taps into All 333MHz on PSP

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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

Hey everyone, I’m the technical director for SCEA’s Bend studio in Oregon, the developer of the Syphon Filter franchise. We’re working hard on the next chapter in the series, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow for PSP, but I wanted to take some time to give a glimpse into how the PSP’s recently expanded processor speed (333MHz) will help us deliver a look and feel that wasn’t possible under the previous 266MHz limit.

For Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, our concentration was developing an engine that could produce stunning PSP visuals, allowing for significant detail in the environments. For Logan’s Shadow, we naturally wanted to push the detail even further with our focus turning towards interactivity within those environments.

Now we have the ability to introduce Havok physics, water rendering/gameplay (as seen in the screenshot above), larger environments with significantly more interactive elements, and faster AI response times. In short, tapping into the full processor speed of PSP offers increased gameplay opportunities, while still providing the high production qualities you would expect after playing Dark Mirror.

I can’t wait until you see for yourself the difference that 333MHz makes when you get your hands on Logan’s Shadow this fall.

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  • Sounds great.

  • Finally catching up with homebrew’s advantages? Good job SONY this is why I love you :) oh and because u gave me Heavenly Sword demo!!!

  • good job hope its good

  • Ahh thanks for the info, im looking forward to this.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Awesome. I hope to see more developers jumping on and making unique PSP-only games after hearing about the 333mhz being unlocked.

    PSP is far from dead and the more games like Dark Mirror that come out for it the dustier my DS gets… ;)

  • Will there be a Syphon Filter coming to the PS3 in the future?

  • Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror was and is one of the best PSP games that I have played. And then you guys go and tell me you made it better with 333mhz. Holy steller future for the PSP Batman!

    Great job guys keep up the good work.

    Oh, and thanks for the Dark Mirror deme that came in the mail acouple of weeks back. Even though I have already played this game a few times still had to load that bad boy up in the 3.

  • Actually, now that I think of it… the demo wasnt what I expected. I thought I would be able to play a section of the game for about 15 – 20 minutes but no I only got 6 minutes?

    Sony I really do appreciate the demo and all but please make sure Insomniac doesnt screw us over like that for the R&CF;ToD demo. I mean, at least 15 minutes would be great :)

    Once again, everything u do is appreciated… well most things… including demos! lol
    thanks :)

  • I wonder if the added 77MHz has made all that much difference or if it has just made it easier to scale down the game from original plans to fit on the PSP easier.

    Anyway you see it that means less battery life but hopefully it also means more engaging games like this to make people want to use their PSP even when at home.

  • I heard this series is good. I want a PSP, but sadly the PS3 sucks my wallet dry and so can’t afford a PSP. But feel free to send me one. :P

    Good luck with the game guys.

  • Sounds like the updated PSP has found a very nice game to accompany it.

  • Hey that’s great to hear. I also thought it was great to hear that SCEA has a Bend studio. I live near Salem. Great to hear from a local.

  • Nice man. I wish more dev could take advantage of this things.

    PS. You mention the above screenshot. Ehm…which one? (If you mean check the website, then it is ok..I was just wondering)

  • …does it tap into getting SONY to release a better battery, too? Nothing like having your portable gaming device run out of juice in the middle of a cross-country plane ride…

  • @15

    Buy another battery…

  • Anytime soon are u guys gonna work on a Syphon Filter for PS3?

  • I got the Logan’s Shadow demo in the mail and I really enjoyed it. The PSP has come a long way. I am glad it is Sony leading the way and showing other developers what is possible on the PSP. Keep up the great work!

    On a side note, glad to see this blog continuing strong.

  • I really, really liked the Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow demo. It impressed me in many ways. I didn’t think Dark Mirror could be surpassed, but I was wrong. I was wondering if it was going to use 333MHz, but I’m glad it is.


  • Wooo Haaa more good news for the psp!!

  • I played the demo and it looks amazing, at least twice as sharp as the previous version.
    I love the variety of gameplay too.
    I am glad you are porting the original to PS2 so people can recognize how good it was…

  • It will be cool to see the differences between the different speeds. I am glad you guys are implementing this. Very Cool, its awesome.

    The screenshot looks sweet.

  • This is great news to see the 333MHz power being used. I was wondering seeing as the new power will be used is the game going to run at 60 FPS.

    Also is there any chance after Logans Shadow comes out there could be a PS3 version of Sysphon Filter. Even if it is a remake of the one for the PS1 that would still be cool.

  • Sounds Great will they also take advantage of the added memory to reduce load times?

  • man i just bought dark mirror a few months ago. Finally beat story mode yesterday, working on the missions n unlockables now. U guys go n post a new blog…n put another must have game in my list! Should I just give u my bank account number n make it easier on me n u guys?! :)

  • Hope this helps PSP games. Cause right now it’s a pretty sad picture right now.
    Funny though for me and for tons of gamers out there this 233 > 333 processor switch has always been free to use:) Good to hear you too now enjoy this.

  • So will it look bad on older PSPs?

    And why does everyone think demos should be 20 minutes long? Is that what the Xbox Live Demos are like?

  • This game looks very impressive. Loved the demo, thanks SNE.

  • Most people don’t even know what 333mHZ is, unless they used homebrew.

    Viva la 3.40OE!

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    was the demo using 333hz? this game is awesome.

  • The demowasnt using 333mhz.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    ok, thanks.

  • I would like to see the PSP have more interaction with the PS3 like using it for a advance remote to control home theater functions like lighting, sat boxes, stereo receivers the PSP menu and other controls.

  • The game looks like PS2.

  • Sweet. SO I guess it’s not using the specs of the Slim PSP?

    with the 64mb of memory?

  • I love my Playstation Portable, and I use it every day, but to be honest, the Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow demo was complete crap. I’m sure the game will be much, much better, but I was appalled by how short and boring the demo was. Well, I hope this inspires you guys to impress us, lol

  • Dark Mirror owned, and this game will own more. :D

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the PSP has just grown up. Prepare to be blown away.

    I am so going to have to buy one of the new PSP’s now.

  • Cool, I’m buying this game anyway. I thought the last PSP syphon filter was one of the best games in the system.

  • Wont personally buy it because its not my type of game, but those graphics are amazing for a PSP.


    in the tecnoconsolas europe, says, PS STORE HAVE BEEN HACKED,
    this is terrible if true

  • Another reason for me to pick up a PSP.

  • Is that an in game screen shot? Wow….

  • Syphon Filter sequel pushes PSP to 333MHz at

    […] Filter: Logan’s Shadow technical director Chris Reese has announced on the official PlayStation blog that the PSP title will utilize the handheld’s recent firmware update that pushes the clock […]

  • Gabe looked good on my PS1
    Gabe looks good on my PS2
    Gabe looks good on my PSP
    Where is Gabe for my PS3?

    C’mon Sony !!!! … anyhow keep up the good work never mind me I’m just needing my Gabe fix

    Oh and on a totally unrelated story

    MARKET THE STUPID OUT OF LAIR THAT GAME LOOKS OMG CRAZY NICE. There should be commercials from now to September because nothing anywhere or on any system or PC looks as good as Lair.

  • awesome

  • Are you using the extra cache in the new PSP? I hope so because that extra cache and the speed boost will really help out.

    Thanks for the update :)

  • Good to see the PSP being used :).


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