GGL Digs Into NCsoft, Sony Partnership

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As most of you know, last Wednesday we announced a new exclusive game development deal with NCSoft, the company behind big MMO games like Lineage and City of Heroes. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about it and thought you might be interested in checking out this interview our friends at Global Gaming League and Epileptic Gaming did with NCSoft’s President of North America.

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  • First, we need demos!

  • Second!
    I want demos too

  • I play Guild Wars and this is exciting news. I hope NCSoft makes some great titles in the future.

  • demoS? Ok :-)

  • I’m more interested in hearing about the specifics of the downloadable content for Unreal Tournament III.

    And why Sony lied about the price cut.

  • hey good stuff.. i get excited to see that you guys are working things out with third parties… which is obviously needed as sony has mentioned before…

    i think the idea of the agency awoke some people to get mmo’s in consoles.. which i think a few wouldn’t hurt..

    anyhow, we hope nsoft gets familiar with the cell so they can deliver games just how we expect them..

    keep it going sony.. your great ideas and contracts will pay off..

  • sounds cool

  • Pretty good interview, but there was no concrete info, and no titles mentioned.
    And looks like they just started developing and we wont see anything for a while.

    To those above, stop abusing the comment system. And Sony did not lie about a price drop, the price is dropped now and it will stay that way.

  • Sounds awesome, I can’t wait!

  • Guild Wars would make an awesome addition to PS3 imho if it ever gets announced. Im also hoping for a Tabula Rosa announcement, one of my most anticipated games.

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Lineage III on the PS3. ;)

  • what about that new MGS4 demo? could you talk about that?


  • @smilquid sry, but what on earth does wanting a new MGS4 demo have ANYTHING to do with this topic??

    My friends really like Guild Wars, I haven’t had a chance to play it so I don’t know. I’ve been reading up on Tabula Rasa and that looks like it could be a great game. Here’s hoping it comes on the PS3.

  • I think its cool. How about lineage on PS3? That game is awesome!

  • The price is not dropped. The price of the PS3 sku’s have always been $500 and $600, and they are still $500 and $600. The cheapest way to play Resistance back when the PS3 was released was $500. The cheapest way to play Resistance today is $500.

    And the catch here is that nobody on the PSN will want to pay for the monthly fees required in these games. They only want free like the PSN.

  • We want demos! Then we read interviews.

  • The price has dropped, the 20gb has not been available in months and no one was buying it anyway. Now at least you have the main sku at 500 rather than 600 and not only that but there are a number of bundles available with free movies, extra controller… from various retailers/websites.

    As to the NCSoft games, stuff like Guildwars is free to play, you only need to pay the inital 50-60 to buy the game and whatever yearly expansions come out. There are no monthly fees like WoW or LOTRO.

  • we need demos!!!

  • demo’s
    new firmware update
    thats it

  • My only disappointment was the 12 month comment… I was hoping for a GDC bombshell of Guild Wars on PS3. I don’t play Guild Wars currently, but I would definitely try it out if it came to PS3!!

  • No fees for Guild, but for other games NCSoft makes, there are monthly fees.

    And no, there is no price drop. IT was $500 to play Resistance back when the PS3 was released, and it’s still $500 to play Resistance. The only thing they did is add a couple features to make it sound more appealing. Same price. No drop. And $599 when the 80gb is the only one left.

  • Good to see Sony is rounding out the software offering. Keep it up Sony!!

  • hey change your own hard drive
    recommend 200gb

  • did someone say Lineage and Guild Wars for PS3?

    PS. Please note the free online thing of the PS3.

    Guys this is huge

  • @blizzard

    They’re probably going to require you to have a subscription of the game. No way they’d give mmo games for free. I even remember Phil Harrison saying mmo games will require a subscription.

  • @aaquib

    Yeah, maybe for the game itself, but not for the PS3 online system. Which is always good.

    Dunno know if the 360 has some game like this.

  • I would more like City of Heroes and City of Villans online. That would be more fun.

    AND STOP ASKING FOR DEMOS! THEY KNOW ALREADY! And besides, just because the were able to have a playable MGS4 doesnt mean that it WASN’T on a dev station.

  • Huxley is the first game like this coming out for the 360.

  • Can you people shut up for once? Do you think demos are 100% up to Sony? The 3rd parties are teh ones who makes the demos for their own games, not Sony. They are also the ones who send Sony the demos to put on the PSN. Aside from that, the timing of releasing demos is an important part of marketing the game. They need to strategically decide when to release the demo to gain momentum up to the release of the product. You can’t just throw around demos like they are nothing and hope for the best.

  • WHo cares about Huxley….We don’t. Last time I checked this was a PLAYSTATION blog, not a XJUNK blog.

  • No more pics, no more trailers, no more [DELETED] interviews. Give us the [DELETED] MGS4 DEMO! IN_PSN!!!

    YES, IN PSN! Not in the [DELETED] Tokyo, not on TGS. Right now in PSN!

  • Rzarekta, STFU we need games to play. Nothing more.

  • NAZAR, how about you “STFU”? Do you thikn it’s Sony’s decision to put out a demo of MGS4? It’s not, it’s Konami’s. Now ask yourself a question smart guy, why would Konami want to release a demo of a huge blockbuster game in the middle of July 2007, when the game is not coming out until 2008? Why would they do that? Give us a sample of an unfinished product, make people sick of the demo by the time the game comes out? They already know all of you will buy the game, why give you a demo now? AND AGAIN, IT’S NOT UP TO SONY!

    As for us needing games to play, they are coming out starting NOW. NGS just came out, Lair is out in a few weeks, then Heavinly Sword, then a TON of games up until the holidays. If you want games to play, BUY those, don’t sit around waiting for free demos of 1 level of an unfinished game.

  • The 60gig was 600, it is now 500, that is a price drop no mater how you look at it. Yes, the 20 gig was 500, and no one bought it, why? Cause there was no wifi, 40 less gigs of hard drive, no card reader, and it wasn’t as pretty, so no one bought it, so they dicontinued it. If you look hard enough you can find a 20 gig for 400 new, Lets say you were a computer company making two computers, you discontinue your cheap one, cause no one buys it, and lower the price of the better one to where the cheaper one was, is that not a price cut?

  • Cool interview, I’m excited to see what NCsoft comes up with.

    BTW, DEMOS!!! (I figure-as it seems a lot of the rest of you have as well-that if we write the word DEMO in all caps and with a lot of exclamation points after they’ll just begin showing up on PSN)


  • “derrickgott007 | July 18th, 2007 at 1:26 pm

    WHo cares about Huxley….We don’t. Last time I checked this was a PLAYSTATION blog, not a XJUNK blog.”

    Obviously somebody here does, cuz they asked of the 360 was getting an MMO, which is Huxley. You will have to ask them why they asked on this PSJUNK blog.

  • “The 60gig was 600, it is now 500, that is a price drop no mater how you look at it. Yes, the 20 gig was 500, and no one bought it, why? Cause there was no wifi, 40 less gigs of hard drive, no card reader, and it wasn’t as pretty, so no one bought it, so they dicontinued it. If you look hard enough you can find a 20 gig for 400 new, Lets say you were a computer company making two computers, you discontinue your cheap one, cause no one buys it, and lower the price of the better one to where the cheaper one was, is that not a price cut?”

    Nope. It WAS $500 and $600 to get a PS3, and it is still $500 and $600 to get a PS3. It WAS $500 for the least expensive way for a gamer to buy a PS3 and play Resistance, and $500 today is STILL the cheapest way to buy a PS3 and play resistance. Adding features doesn’t mean the price dropped.

    That’s like saying I go into a car dealer and they have a car for $40,000 with 300hp, 3.0 liter V6, 17″ wheels, and a stick. Well, I don’t have $40,000. 6 months later the dealer calls me…we dropped the price of that car you were looking for. The new model is out, and it has 350hp, 4.0 liter V6, and 20 inch wheels, and includes an automatic. SWEET! How much is it now? Well, it’s $40,000.

    Ok, so you really didn’t drop the price, it still costs me $40,000, but I get more features. Guess what, the consumers still don’t have the $40,000. Now if I could get it for $35,000, THAT is a PRICE cut, not a FEATURE increase.


    Woooo…. oh wait….

    Well I don’t have a PS3 anyways so meh…

  • “D” to the “E” to the “M” to the “O”. Give us freakin DEMOS. Your competitor has tons of demos. Trust me, I kno. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for you to release good content on PSN? Demos, not crappy old arcade games. PLEASE!!! We asked nicely and see no results. Now we are screaming and waiting!!!!!!!

  • Heavenly Sword Demo is available for Sony to put it on the store. it’s coming out in less than two months. Lair coming out in a couple of weeks. How about Madden. Why does the 360 get demos and the PS3 doesn’t. why no NCAA 08?

  • Well, it’s official.

    It has gotten to the point where we now need moderators for these comments to keep the kiddies from posting rude/off-topic remarks.

  • @serrin

    I think it’s pretty hard to keep on the topic of a subject that will take at least another half a year before we even start hearing about any more developments from NCSoft… I mean… in the interview they did say 12 months before the ps3 starts seeing products…

  • Rzarekta, hey i understand that it’s not up to Sony. But why should i care? First of all: Did we get any (at least one) demo after E3? -No! X360 got their Blu Dragon demo.

    Everyone heard from Kojima on E3: “Next week you’ll get a demo of MGS4”. Did we get it? -No!

    NGS, Darkness etc it’s all good, but it’s stil not enough. It’s not NextGen.

  • I agree Serrin.

  • Well informative, and shows the strong support the Playstation brand continues to have in the video game industry. I’m glad to be seeing games of NCSoft being made for the PS3 exclusively, and hopefully, these games will take advantage of PS3’s graphics and online capabilities.

    @ The Hedon

    You sound like Peter Moore saying that there wasn’t a price drop. Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, I bought a PS3 at the price of $499, the same model people paid $599 when it was first released. Yet it’s not a price drop huh? Right now, as I’m speaking, there aren’t but one model right now in retailers, and thats the 60GB model for $499. Once the 80GB model releases, and the 60GB model is all gone, most likely the price will be slashed to match the $499 price point.(Speculation).

    @ Sony

    What are the chances of seeing a different colored PS3 model hit NA? I’ve seen some custom painted in white, and red, and boy do they look nice.

  • I don’t think they would allow free subscriptions because it would hurt the pc market which sony and nc soft invest in.

  • @thechosenfew88

    I really hate to disagree with you but I think that Hedon has a point. What Sony did really can’t be considered a price drop at all. If their plan was to lower the price of the 80 GB system later thats fine, but it’s a separate matter. To call the clearance of 60GB systems a “price-drop” is just an outright lie especially in light of the fact that they are no longer producing them. Sure… there “will still be supplies for months” but a clearance sale is still a clearance sale no matter how much “stuff” you have stored away. To say anything else is just blatantly misleading.
    I also have to say I hold quite a bit of enmity towards the 80 GB system, as I think it’s pretty worthless. For 20 more GB and reduced backwards compatability it’s really a rather stupid move. Sure… people will tell me to go buy a 60 GB but 1. it’s still too expensive and 2. that’s not even the point. The point is that this is a step backwards and if the 80 GB is gonna be the”main” sku Sony better have that software emulation at higher than 98% when it debuts…

  • @The Hedon & derrickgott007

    I was the one asking if the 360 had something like this because I don’t usually follow 360 stuff neither MMO because I dont have the time to play such us long online games so I usually don’t buy their subscriptions but I have to say they are awesome. I would love to have time to play more of those.

    I know this is Playstation blog but don’t get like that. A lot of people is saying something about the 360 mostly complaining about the lack of demos so give me a break.

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