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New Sony PSP
What a week! E3 is always an exciting time of year when we can roll up our sleeves and finally show you what we have planned for the year and beyond. As I’m sure you saw, on Monday we announced we are expanding the purchase options for PS3 by adding a new PS3 model to the market in August with an 80GB HDD. We also were able to engineer some cost savings into hardware production of PS3 and lowered the purchase price of our 60GB model by $100, effective immediately. We feel that is a substantial price reduction and hope if you haven’t purchased a PS3 yet, it will encourage you to do so. You probably also heard that we introduced a new, sleeker PSP; new features for our PlayStation Home service; and, as promised: games, games and more games.

This holiday and fiscal year more than 400 games are coming to PlayStation fans in North America. There will be over 120 PS3 titles including what we’re showing here at E3: Warhawk, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, The Eye of Judgment, PAIN, Echochrome, SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals Confrontation, SingStar and many more. All of those are exclusive to the PS3, and those are the ones just from us. We also showed at our press conference today other exclusives from our third party partners, like Haze, Unreal Tournament 3 and the one you have been commenting so much about on this very blog, Metal Gear Solid 4.

In addition, the PSP will score more than 140 games and PS2 over 160 this year. And, if you didn’t get a chance to see the new Star Wars Battlefront PSP Entertainment Pack, be sure to check out the pictures I’ve included here with this post. The Darth Vader image on the back of the new white PSP is pretty cool, in my opinion.

Our goal right now is simple: to provide you with the most compelling gaming experience possible, and as we are showing here this week, we are well on the way to achieving that goal.

Right now is a good time to reflect and say thank you. Thank you for being passionate members of the video game community and part of the PlayStation family. The best is yet to come.

New Sony PSP: DaxterNew Sony PSP: Star Wars Battle Front

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  • I am glad to hear of the new PSP and it’s new features. Count me in as a buyer as I’ve been wanting a PSP to complement by PS3. Great job today to Sony at E3.

  • Any news to come regarding the rumoured Bioware PS3 title?

  • Even though I have two just becuase its smaller and its white Im getting darth vader. Oh and you guys did the ebst this e3 congratualations.

  • Awesome news! Can’t wait to play all the new PS3 games.

  • Sounds great. I was wondering if the PSP to TV is compatible with the older model of PSP? Overall, a superb conference thus far.

  • Great job in the press conference guys. I think the general consensus is that you did far better than both Nintendo and Microsoft (Microsoft’s press conference was terrible). Anyway, PSP and PS3 are really going to dominate this holiday season. Also, finally 360 fanboys will shut up, MGS4 IS EXCLUSIVE TO PS3! Another thing, great job getting Haze and UT3 as 2007 exclusives. Both games will be definite purchases. Finally, Killzone 2 definitely delivered, and mostly everyone, other than fanboys, agree that it looks extremely impressive. Great work.

  • I think Sony did a great job at E3 so far. Hear’s hoping that 3rd parties will see what’s being done on the PS3 and start making more games.

    Killzone 2 blew me away!!

  • man you guys definitely stole the show. i was glad to see all the big news and previews/trailers. also GREAT JOB ON THE PSN STORE UPDATE. i downloaded the videos now.

    the PSP redesign and playability on tv is great!

    keep the good news coming and congrats on a very strong E3 showing. can’t wait for the new additions.

  • Good job Sony, you just sold me on a Playstation 3.

    I’ll also be picking a new PSP down the road too.

  • Love that Killzone 2 video in the end to shut up the critics.

    Good job SONY keep going!

  • Great Pressor guys. It was totally awesome and I was giddy the whole time. It was great. Everything looked exciting and I love how you guy integrated HOME into the pressor, really neat. I can’t wait to see it in HD when I get home.

  • Great job Sony! I was blown away by all the games you guys have to offer in the coming months, and early next year.(MGS4!!!). It’s about time for me to get a new PSP, so I’m glad to hear there is a better model to be released in Septemer.(Didn’t expect it to come so early, and yes!!! A color besides black!). You guys really did good this year at E3, and did not dissappoint. Thanks for confirming MGS4’s exclusivity, and for all the other great games that were showed. I’m looking forward to a lot this year. Thanks once again Sony.

    Quality is a first for Sony, and that was truly shown through everything, from the newly refreshed PSP, to the power machine PS3, and of course, THE GAMES!!!! Great Job!!!

  • Sony = Hands down BEST E3

    Honestly, you made Microsoft and Nintendo look like an amateur fighting a black belt. WOW. The only thing more I could ask for was some more info on movie, tv show download service and IN-GAME XMB! Asides from that, on the gaming side, you HANDS DOWN have the best games in your portfolio and hopefully PS3 sells extremely well in its lifecycle, because I know the games will!

  • ironically. this is great news for me. my psp got stolen last month and i was thinking on buying another one. this just made my decision alot easier.:)

  • No, Thank you, Sony! For making the industry more than mini-games and quick cash-ins. I’m glad you kept MGS4 exclusive and great job on Killzone 2. I hope Sony never quits being such a innovative and daring company with the Playstation Systems.
    Keep it up.

  • Im going to the army in the early 08 so i was planning to buy the psp. Great entertaiment on brakes ^^.

  • Jack! Waita go, sony need a 3 man act and with ken kuratagi gone you stepped up and did a better job than be ever could have. Great show, you really have raised the PS3’s reputation with this. (Good job saying MGS4 is exclusive like 4 times!)
    In a final note, YOU BENT MY WOOKIE!

  • Ahh, new PSP, excellent.

    I will be picking up one of those, alongside a new TV for my PS3 I got at launch.

    As far as the press thing went, damn fine job, especially kudos to you Jack, handled it well. This was a spectacular E3 for you guys, as that Nintendo and Microsoft really had nothing big to announce, except that they are happy with the past. But that presents the problem at hand, the past. It is not the future, and as you proved to your investors, and the (now, giddy happy) consumers such as myself, Playstation is the future. Rock on!

  • Can we get some photos of the cable you connect your slim PSP to your TV with?

    What about rumble controller and some other juicy bits we have been anticipating? Saving for TGS?

    Good job guys. You completely knocked the wind out of Nintendo and M$ this year. Glad you guys are stepping up and flexing a bit of muscle!

  • Sony, you did great @ E3! Now just deliver and don’t delay.

  • Congrats on winning E3. If anyone deserved to win this year, it was Sony.

    Incredible showing of gaming that just obliterated MS’s showing entirely.

  • Great showing Sony. With the price drop and the showing of Killzone and MGS4 (being confirmed exclusive but is it a definite as in ‘Exclusive’ and not ‘Timed’?) and the securing of HAZE and UT3 along with your other great first party titles (Heavenly Sword, inFAMOUS, Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk, SOCOM Confrontation, etc.), you really pulled off the best conference of the Big 3.

  • best conference I agree! Great works, if only us european would have something more up to date than a nuckleus video :-)

    Will the new “e3” effectively become US’s show, leipzig our European Show, and TGS the japanese’s one..

    If so, I, and I presume, We will miss the old E3.

    Anyway, great work. I think the ROUND 2 will start for sony. I just hope average people start to understand that they have to look further than the price (wii is cheaper blabla.. of course, as a bottle of watter) to decide what is worth what..

    the price drop seems to be welcome, even if it come really soon for us european early adopter..

    Have I already said somewhere I miss the RUmble!! where is the annoucnement ?

    Anyway, Best conference, KZ is impressive, MGS4 I hope will stay exclusive at least 1 year, before doing a “poor version” on any other plateforme.. (or stay exclusive if enough PS3 sold)..

    see you ! and Thank you

  • Very good E3 show, you (Sony) definitely exceeded my expectations. I am really happy to be a PS3 owner right now!

  • yes very good job. only thing i want to know about is the new video service thing. that Infamous game looks cool also.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    MGS video is taking for ever to download… man that video was crazy.

    I just hope that, being the last game and all, we get to play as Raiden because the dude just looks so freaking awesome. That fight was even better than the one with the robot cow/frog thingy.

    But really? There is no way this will be the last game… Come on.

    COMING 2009: Metal Gear Raiden

  • Thanks for having us Jack. What great conference you’ve made.

  • Very good show at E3 Sony.
    What’s the new price point for the Slim PSP?

  • You guys are super, now let see all haters can’t say anything on their critics and also thanks for keeping exclusive games, we are almost joy with tears.

  • Good job, Sony.

    I was hoping to see some missing titles like Final Fantasy XIII and Eight Days, but what you showed was certainly impressive.

    The future looks promising. But please listen to the fans: keep Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy XIII exclusive.

    They are the bedrock of what makes the Playstation what it is.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake



  • Great press conference today, easily the best of the three. Thank you for all the trailers you’ve put up on the Playstation Store, but would it too much to ask for a playable demo of something?

  • @ Conch_Bubby


  • HEY! just thought about it…can we get that GT5 prologue trailer up or what?

    and you guys already know we want demos. lol. but again…greath show and good job on Home. looks good so far.

    GT trailer on PSN! ASAP please! lol.


  • Mods + mouse/keyboard support for UT3 is what sets it above the delayed 360 version. I’m glad Sony is so open about these things. Silly restrictions just hurt gaming and gamers.

    Echochrome looks INSANE. I call it an interactive optical illusion and looks too fresh to not play.

    I like how Sony pushes the superior hardware of their system. More space from Blu-ray, more power from Cell and a STANDARD HDD as the cherry on top.

  • I was glad to hear an update on the Gran Turismo series, seeing so much of Forza on the Xbox, made me think twice on whether to switch over to that. But they don’t offer the quality you guys(Sony) put into the GT series. I’ve been a fan since PS1, and now I can’t wait. Like SDkngsht, the trailer of GT would be nice on the PSN. Thanks!

  • that lokoks goods

  • Thank you SONY!

    You did an amazing job with your Press conference. Professional, humble and with amazing content delivered. I couldn’t be more excited about what’s keeping my butt on the couch in the coming months.

    Respectfully, 360’s and Wii’s outings at E3 just simply lack the polish and content you provided at every step of the way. I knew my PS3 and PSP would dominate my gaming mind soon enough and and I’m thrilled you’re delivering the games!

    I don’t think I’ll care to much if my 360 BRICKS sometime here soon with it’s emminent hardware failure. :-)

    Thanks again SONY for listening to your fanbase and really putting the pressure on in the last month.


  • i didnt here nothing on lair what happen or did i miss it

  • Congrats Sony, this is wonderful. And on the perfect day to. It’s my birthday and all this great Playstation news is released. Talk about timing.

    What would have made it absolutely FLAWLESS would be if you announced Rumble on the SIXAXIS.

    We KNOW it’s coming, just announce it already.

  • yeah that’s great and all I really enjoyed the conference….can I please get my Lair & Heavenly Sword demo now please……lol

  • Oh one thing…Where was DMC4? Did I miss that in the Press Conference?

  • Co-branding star wars…good move.

  • ENOUGH TRAILERS…i can get them on gametrailers.com…

    GIVE US DEMOS…what the **** is the problem???

    Otherwise…thank you for at least giving us something and not leaving PS users out to dry…DEMOS!!






    is this too much to ask or what Mr. Jack…lets go get a move on!!!!

  • You guys owned E3 this year and blew away all the naysayers. Well done!

    I’m getting that sleek silver PSP the first day.

    When are the demos hitting PSN?

  • You guys did such a great job this year. I was really happy to see everything that you have planned out for this fall. The only thing im disapointed about is the lack of a second analog stick on the newer PSP model. Still with amazing stuff like Killzone 2, LBP, R&C: FTOD, and Unreal III coming out its easy to overlook that. Anyhow congratulatons on a job well done.

  • I think it is great to see there will be a new PSP and new colors. I just want to see PlayStation Home added too plus PSN.

    Also I heard the bundles will sell for 200.
    I want to buy a smaller PSP. But I do not need a bundle.I have Daxter and a 4gig memory card so buying that pack would be a waste of money. So any chance I can buy that PSP without the added stuff.

    Like maybe the price be 150. Just for the PSP by it self. also how much will the old PSP drop in price.

    Also any chance of bringing out Gran Turismo for the PSP.

    I have also read about a rumor that there will be a new R&C game for the PSP is this true. Like if it is will more info on it come out of E3.


  • I’m going to get the DAXTER edition because it comes with more, a game, a umd, a memory stick…..What more do you need?? It’s Family Guy!!! WHOO HOO!!!

  • You guys really knocked it out of the ballpark this time, especially when compared to the competition. I’m really excited about the first party lineup and the exclusives were exactly what PS3 owners wanted to hear.

    great job!

    Now get back to work and give us some demos tomorrow!!!

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