Inside the Developers Studio Series, That’s a Wrap

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We’re wrapping up our Inside The Developers Studio series for now, we’ll likely revisit a second series here in the near future. We hope you found it interesting. Our intent with this series from the beginning was to simply provide you with a little more access and insight into the people and personalities that are influencing and shaping the games you and I love to play.

I want to extend a special thanks here to all the developers that lent us their time, to not only answer our questions, but to answer yours too in the many of the comment threads. If you missed any of the posts in this series, I’m linking to all of them here now, and as you’ll see, we have a new banner above that links to this collection too, so until we pick this back up, enjoy everyone!

Hermen Hulst, Guerrilla Games – Killzone 2
Julian Eggebrecht, Factor 5 – Lair
Evan Wells & Richard Lemarchand, Naughty Dog – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Dylan Jobe, SCEA – Warhawk
Sarah Stocker, SCEA – SingStar
Seth Luisi, SCEA – SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation
Brian Allgeier, Insomniac – Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Nina Kristensen, Ninja Theory – Heavenly Sword
Felice Standifer, SCEA – The Eye of Judgement
Erich Waas, SCEA – NBA ’08
Travis Williams, SCEA – PAIN
Cory Barlog, Ready at Dawn – God of War: Chains of Olympus

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  • Kick some ass today at E3, guys. Sony FTW.

  • Great series. I really enjoyed it. As a fan, “thank you” to all the devs for participating. And PlayStation.Blog for making it happen.

  • I learned a lot, thx.

  • When are we going to get the developers for Wii Heart Attack?

  • thanks for letting us have a glimpse at the developing process throught this feature, hope to see more stuff like this in the future, keep up this great blog

  • Big thanks to all the devs for the info. I said this before but I will say it again, rather than shelving it until whenever I would like to see this as an ongoing project. It would be good to see what else is in the pipeline. I’m sure a lot of Playstation owners would like to keep updated on new/ongoing projects.

  • Thanks everyone for taking the time to show us what you have done so far.

    No go out and bring home the championship!

  • Thanks to everyone for the feedback / comments.

    Lots more to come…

  • Glad to have been part of this, nice job Sony, hope all goes well today

  • After Seeing MS & NINTEN conference all i can say is Sony go kick some butt. E3 is yours. I really believe you gus really have a better lineup of games. Also i think Home is going to do extremely well. The other two have nothing near to what Home has.

    Sony forever!

  • loved the inside the developer studio. cant wait to see the sony press conference

  • rock our world today sony at E3 – love the blog!

  • rock our world today sony at E3 – love the blog!


  • Nintendo and MS have had their chance… COME ON SONY!!

  • thanks for all the threads, I have to say this made pre-E3 just that much better. again thanks for the great blogs, hope we see something like this again in the near future

  • The Blog rocks!! Cant wait untill 11:30

  • Agreed, I’ve been glued to this site on a daily basis. Keep all this good stuff coming.

  • Good Job Sony *Claps* This has been very informative and great. Best of wishes towards the Press Confrence and I know it will not disappoint. Trust me this E3 Nintendo or Microsoft gots notthing on you guys.

  • This was a great series, I read all of the interviews and got some great insight into who these folks are that bring us the great games, thanks for that!!

  • The big thing is the last one. Killzone 2 was just a pre-sony conference showing the PS3 difference. Every journalist are saying good things about Killzone now that Sony prove that they are the best!. now GO Sony! give us all you got! GO PS3!!! GOOD LUCK !
    Thanks for the blog and the trailers that will be available at the store, can’t wait to download MGS4 trailer.

  • I’m watching the Nintendo conference right now and I’m so not impress so far. All I’m seeing are PR [DELETED]! “Buy more nintedo product bla bla bla” DS seems to be their stronghold. I’m not seeing anything to solid on the Wii that makes me go wow. Basically we already knew of super smash, mario galaxy and metriod. What else are they going to offer the real gamers? The people that actually goes out and spend major cash on gaming?

    I’m really looking forward to seeing sony’s conference. Please do not let me down. So far, I’ve been very impress with the Killzone2 HD trailor. Keep that momentum.

  • GOOD JOB SONY! Keep it up! Btw thanx to all the developers for participating. I really enjoyed it.

  • Thanks!

    good luck on the conference, hit one out of the park for us.

  • Thanks for the info! I am very excited for E3 now.. i think you have a few aces up that people have forgotten about, too, which will surprise people Afrika, Getaway, 8 days (or whatever that SCEE game was with the shoot out in the cafe…) not to mention the eye toy and hopefully some details on the sony store update (fingers crossed even THAT firmware up date we all want) this has the potential….

    PS: will the Killzone trailer and MGS4 trailer be out in the EU store same as in the US??

  • It’s been great guy’s much appreciated, can’t wait till the Sony spotlight starts.
    And content is uploaded to the network.

  • Nice job Sony. Its things like this, along with great games, that will sell more units for you! Communication with your customer base is key in his generation of product sales…. Keep it up!

  • Just 50 hours left before the Sony E3 Conference… Microsoft’s was boring, Nintendo’s was too atheletic for my taste, and now the ball is in your hands Sony!

    “Don’t just level the playing field… I want it annihilated!” Actually, just annihilate the other players, we want to keep the field!

  • I really enjoyed the Developers Studios Series, and I hope to see things like this in the future.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Playstation Blog, but I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve seen so far.


  • This blog has been great, it is a lot better then a couple of months ago, were you did not know how to feedback to sony on ideas, all you PS3 bloggers, keep the great ideas coming to Sony! And if you own a xbox 360 or a Wii and like certain thinks about the two systems that you think Sony could do to make the PS3 better please tell them! I do not have ether system but I think that your knowledge of the systems and what you like is very valuable to Sony, please help the PS3 become a better system and your knowledge can help you just need to put it in one of the blog messages so Sony can read it!!
    Good luck Sony with E3!

  • GO SONY! Kick some 360 and Wii today!

    Starting to really love my SONY again! Thank you.

  • This series was AMAZZZING, if Kaz or Phil read this blog, GOOD LUCK AT YOUR CONFERENCE (Although its like 30 mins away so im sure they have better things to do right now)

    But still, good stuff. They really build up, from regular multiplat games, to Heavenly Sword, Lair and Killzone.

  • Off Topic: any word about when Home will start sign ups for the open beta?

  • Oh and btw… GO SONY KICK SOME A$$ AT E3!!!

  • Sony – I’ve been with you since last year’s E3, since launch in November, and now at E3 2007. Good luck at your conference – and in taking over the next-gen market.

  • I am very grateful to all of the fine people who came to speak to us. Keep it up and kick some @$$ at E3.

  • Great series. It was very informative. I will be looking forward to the next installment.

  • you guys def. had the best E3 confrence. cant wait for every single one of the games shown. except the sports ones. and i liked the “Inside the developers studio”.some were better then others but it was really cool comin back everyday to find a new one.

  • BY FAR the best E3 conference this year.

    I would say this has been the BEST E3 of all time for Sony. What an ending.

    We got everything except a closed beta and firmware 2.0, which can wait.

    Sony, please, keep your future E3’s amazing, have Jack Trenton and Phil Harrison as your main spokespeople!

  • GREAT effing E3 Conference Sony. I am SO pumped…

    Thanks for having Kojima speak, that was the best!!

  • I have to say i was blown away. good job!! I’m dying to get my hands on these games!!!


    We got a look at what’s coming for 07 and a bit of 08. Love the fact they merge PShome in the presentation.
    I wanted to hear a six axis dual shock controller announcement. Guess you cant get all the goodness in one shot.
    Also, I didn’t see a live XMB.
    Going to trade in my current PSP so I can get the new white PSP.

  • Great!!! sony You Rock!!! thanks sony
    Lets celebrate!!! the rise of the PS3

  • Great E3 I have to say. I was glad to hear that MGS4 is still exclusive to the PS3 so far, but I didn’t hear it come out of Kojima’s mouth this time. Hopefully Kojima agreed to what Jack Tretton said about it being exclusive. Great E3 once again. Enjoyed more than the Microsoft and Nintendo keynotes. Can’t wait to get the PS3 now.

    Oh, and thanks for the new PSP. Can’t wait for that as well, along with God of War with it.

  • Great job!


  • hope we get some more in depth articles

  • any demo on the ps store?

  • is it going to be any system update for the ps3 this month??????

  • Sony owned E3. I just want to know when are we getting the new stuff promised to be on the PS store today. I can’t wait.

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