PlayStation Network Routine Maintenance

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As some of you may have noticed, we did a bit of minor maintenance on PlayStation Network this morning. For less than 20 minutes we took PSN down for a routine update, nothing more. It’s back online and fully functional. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • Atleast your fixing it.

  • @Patrick Seybold

    I know you don’t have too much time to answer, but what for? The whole stream of stuff coming over the next couple of days?

  • Nice to hear.

    Keep it up!

    Do this updates have something to do with the E3?

  • L1 and R1 can be used to go back and forth instead of clicking prev. You guys couldn’t have told us that???

  • hmmm, after the killzone leak this day got a bit more interesting.

  • This is the first time I’m second. Hopefully these tweaks are in preparation for the announcements coming tomorrow. Break a leg Sony.

  • ok sixth and seventh then

  • 8th lol, hopefully the ps store will get a new look,

  • I’d love to see a updated PS store, right now it’s a bit meh.

    Really looking forward to some updates after E3 though! Hoping for some anticipated demos, maybe heavenly sword, lair, etc.

  • 10th Comment! I’m Gooood!!

  • ….i want…no i NEED, more Killzone news.

  • If nothing was done, how come my PS Store section heading are in a smaller font and left aligned? Also, R1 and L1 serve as back and foward buttons now. Guess nothing happened, huh?

  • @ 12

    geez, he didn’t say nothing happened.. he said a routine update occured which jives with the minor functionality changes that you have noticed.

  • More than likely just preparing for the E3 coverage. Here’s hoping for some new demos!

  • @13
    He says “routine update”.

  • Some of the Killzone images may be fakes. See…

  • Seems pretty awesome and I like now how you can use the L1 and R1 to go back and ahead, it’s sweet and something I’ve really wanted.

  • everyone in unisen all together now … DEMOS… DEMOS…. DEMOS… DEMOS… WOOO!!!!

  • Download speed increase maybe? Hopefully?

  • ….

    Thought you had a great marketing plan to launch something when Microsoft had their press conference to draw focus.

    But no.

  • Making sure the Place won’t crash when people access it later this week eh? ;D

  • Well, routine maintenance is cool and all, but could you at least give us a heads up from now on?

    Also try to give us an idea of when we should be seeing bandwidth improvements and other modifications. We are all for the routine house cleaning but it’s annoying when we don’t get a heads up because:

    1. It’s down and we don’t know why.
    2. We don’t know when it will be back up.
    3. We never knew that it was going to be down.
    4. We don’t know weather or not to expect new stuff or just maintenance.

    Other than that, I am REALLY glad you guys don’t do quarterly firmware updates, you do your housecleaning at all, and that you seem to be taking the online distro thing SERIOUSLY.

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  • It was down for more then 20min. ;) But no biggie. Was hoping for something new. :p

  • When should we expect the content to start rolling in?

  • A at » Blog Archive » E3 Starts Rolling In [Day 1]

    […] Playstation Network was down a little while ago [update: for routine maintenance, says the official blog]. While it has been restored, the Playstation Store is still undergoing some work. Massive updates […]

  • I’m always amazed at how demanding people are. If Sony would have announced that the store was going to be down and they were adding L1/R1 back/forward capabilities, nobody would blink or there would be a collective “meh”.

    Now they have a blog and apologize for a minor interruption in service in a relatively timely manner and people are cranky because they don’t know every last little tiny detail about what’s going on behind the scenes. Maybe they had to reboot some servers and do Windows updates or something…who cares?

  • I bet this update does have something to do with E3 there probabley setting it up so they can open up the new redesigned PSN or PS store i hope. Or maybe some new like demos or downloading content.
    Sony please dont let MGS4 go to 360.

  • @28

    I agree, MGS4 BETTER stay exclusive or the $100 price cut will not matter. Keep FFX13 and MGS4 and your 3rd party exclusive game portfolio will be fine.

  • Thanks for adding the previous/next functionality. It was a major pain to move the mouse/cursor down to the bottom to hit the buttons. You guys rock! Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  • The L1/R1 functionality is incredibly useful, though, and I think we’ve all keenly felt its lack previously.

    Nice job, guys!

  • Of topic, but I heard that a pretty strong hurricane is headed to japan.

  • What I don’t get is why they have to freaking beat around the bush so mush. BLAH BLAH BLAH ROUTINE UPDATE…. if you are hiding something than at lest tell us what is obvious like the L1 and R1 thing. How can one trust a company that doesn’t even tell us little things that actually benefits us.

    Oh and @ 18, I hear yah…


  • @ #18

    everyone in unisen all together now … DEMOS… DEMOS…. DEMOS… DEMOS… WOOO!!!!

  • The Titles of “Featured Games, etc.” has been shortened, it is also highlighted when rolled over, a slower cursor and the L&R1 functionality, WOW.

    That’s it? Can’t we get a decent store like XBL Marketplace instead of a crappy webpage?

    It’s a fine filler for now, but it needs to be updated soon.

  • What the hell are you complaining about???? 20 minute downtime?? ha
    Am I wrong or is the new Playstation store going to be incorporated into Home??? That’s a pretty decent overhaul I’d say

  • Are the rumors true about MGS4 going to the 360? Going to be a lot of po’d people if it’s true!

  • Sony remember we not dumb. I hope you plan to change PSN interface. Maybe have it function more dynamic like singstar. I think the PS3 deserve some exciting interface.

  • @Flanders

    If MGS4 goes to xbox360 as well, there are still more new oringinal games coming on the PS3. Its time we got new stuff. MGS will i believe at least come out first for us.But PS3 is the system to own so MGS or not i personally not looking elsewhere. We got
    HAZE, Killzone2, plus Europe has yet to release Getaway, and tons other new stuff.

  • Why it has taken so long to implement the Back/Fwd using the L/R buttons I’ll never know. Especially since its the way the web browser works. In any event Thank you.

    …and now for somthing completley different…


  • Sony keep Metal Gear Solid 4 a Playstation 3 exclusive!!
    It is the key to winning the “console war”.
    So please listen to the cries of your loyal fans, do what ever you can to keep it exclusive. You can’t let MS walk all over you guys and take your exclusives!
    And don’t say “we don’t need it” because Killzone 2 won’t do all the job for ya!
    So please listen to our cries!!!

  • glad to see you guys staying on top of the store!

  • glad to see you guys staying on top of the store!!!

  • thanx but… i still dont have internet as of right now which is 2:44pm so could you help!?!?!?!

  • lets just wait till tomorrow

  • It’d be nice if this was in preparation for an update of some kind. In particular, my PSP still wants to be able to log into and use the PSN. But that’s no doubt just hopeful thinking.

    I don’t suppose the PSP will get more love at E3 this year? *sigh*

  • Thanks for the update on the store being down. No need to get cranky about that of course.

    @ Tyran X

    I agree. MGS4 will drive sales like crazy. And the PS3 will once again have a larger percentage of winning the war IF they decide to keep it exclusive. Why didn’t they get Kojima in here for the inside the studio editions IDK, but hopefully it wasn’t because they have it planned for 360 as well. BUT, if the 360 gets a hold of MGS4, then Sony can kiss a lot of people who were going to buy a PS3 a big fat good bye…. Which would be sad, considering where they are at right now.

  • So any chance of telling us what was added other then the L1 and R1 to be used as going back and forward.

  • The youth pastor at my church is a gamer himself. And he loves…and I mean LOVES MGS4, and says that if Sony loses that game itself, he will from that point on be an xbox 360 and Wii gamer. I don’t think Sony is realizing how much of an impact that would make in the amount of people they could increase of people having a PS3 in their homes.

    So once again I say, keep MGS4 EXCLUSIVE TO THE PS3!

  • “Also try to give us an idea of when we should be seeing bandwidth improvements”
    hu? do you really need that? i download demos from U.S. EU Jap and i get down a GB in 3 to 5 minutes. thats not bad at all.

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