Inside the Developers Studio: Dylan Jobe

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1. What game do you have at E3 this year?
Warhawk, baby!

2. Tell us more about your game. What’s the story?
Warhawk isn’t about a story – plain and simple. Warhawk is about fast, fun, full spectrum warfare with the stuff that players should expect to see in a war game. While there are numerous clever elements in Warhawk that we’re very proud of, we actively tried to adhere to proven conventions that players are already familiar with.

I’m not about to write a bunch of marketing and PR spew here…if you’re interested in learning more about Warhawk, check-out

3. Describe it (your game) in five words or less.
OPTION#1 = The love child of Unreal Tournament and Battlefield.
OPTION#2 = The fastest war-game you’ve ever played!
OPTION#3 = One of our Public BETA testers referred to Warhawk as a “Super Hot, psycho, girlfriend”. This description works pretty well.

4. What did you do on this game that you couldn’t do on another platform?
It’s hard to answer this and not sound like a gratuitous SONY sales pitch :)

Although I would say it’s the sum-total of all of our natural phenomenon in the game. Our clouds, procedural water, atmospheric scattering, terrain, etc. All of this stuff runs in parallel on all 7 SPUs simultaneously every frame – I’m still not sure if the game community is giving enough credit to just how fast the SPUs really are.

5. What do you think is the coolest aspect of this game?
I’m really proud of our Quick-Split technology. It’s something that once people see how easy and fast our split-screen works, they are often left wondering why it isn’t done like that in other games.

Players might remember back to the last game I produced, War of the Monsters; we had a cool split-screen to single screen transition in that game. Split-screen is really important to me as a developer and I’m a firm believer in “couch-appeal”. Games that are not only fun to play, but fun to *watch* being played.

“Couch-appeal” is a common denominator among most successful titles. I kinda got of topic there for a second :)

6. If you could sit one person in front of your game for an hour, who would it be?
Jade Raymond (Assassins Creed) – I have a purely innocent, *professional* crush on her :)

7. What game do you most want an hour to sit in front of yourself (besides your own)?
Hmmm, probably Starcraft 2 — I’m a Protoss Zealot IRL! Most people don’t know that about me. I have a Pylon in my office. One of the other games that I am dying to play isn’t announced yet – The PR folks will shank me if I say anything about it.

8. How many E3’s does E3 2007 mark for you?
Since ’99 – so this year will be 9…OMG, I feel so old now!

9. Describe the pre-2007 E3 experience in five words or less.
Well last year’s E3 was insane – needless to say my pre-E3 experience last year was not spent refining my SIXAXIS interpretive dance!

10. You are asked to make suggestions for an E3 survival kit — what three items HAVE to be included?
Who knows what the kit should have in it for this new format? Probably a great map or GPS since people are going to be driving all over LA!

The old-school E3 kit would have included earplugs, Excedrin and a small sketch book. It was always great to play so many games and take notes about what they were doing well and what elements didn’t work.

On an unrelated note, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to attend E3 with a high-powered directional mic. It is *truly* staggering how open some people are with confidential information. An acute ear at the cafeteria can yield some really interesting info :)

11. What advice would you have for someone who has never experienced E3?
Wow, not even sure where to begin! It’s like 3 separate high schools having high-budget pep-rallies all in the same gymnasium.

Sadly, people won’t be able to experience the sensory pressure cooker of E3s past – Who knows how this new format will turn out.

11. Describe what you anticipate from 2007’s newly formatted E3 in five words or less.
Not much – I’m skeptical. (that’s actually only 4-and-a-half words so I should get some kind of prize)

12. Most over used phrase or expression during E3 season.
The team and I are soooo sick of devs saying that they are “taking things to the next level!”

I think the press should call shenanigans on any dev who drops a line like this in an interview. “So what we’re trying to do here with Super-Ultra-Tea-Party-Turbo EX-HD is take the first-person, turn-based, MMORPG, Tea and Biscuits simulation genre to the next level!!”

*dylan vomits on floor*

*dylan takes note of stomach’s evacuated contents*

*corn is observed*

13.When is it being released?
Warhawk is coming to the PlayStation Store *and* on Blu-ray at brick-n-mortar Stores nationwide in early Fall.

14.What’s your favorite part about developing games for a living?
This will sound giga-dorky but…I really like the people. This industry pulls together such an eclectic group of people – it keeps work very exciting.

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  • i played the beta, i love, in my opinion its a contender for game of the year, absolutely extremely FUN!!
    super smooth!!

    ea… take notice and learn!

  • second!

  • I wasn’t originally looking forward to WarHawk too much, but since the decision was made to focus solely on the online aspect i’m really liking what i’m seeing. Sheer fun on screen

  • I dont have a ps3 yet and I cant wait for this game.

  • I think WarHawk is not getting attention from media and sites that it deserves, at least for now.

  • Will there be bazooka wielding midgets?

  • This game looks fun! I’ll be sure to get it, with the headset bundle too!

  • I loved the beta man. This is a hard game to put away. I dont know how I’ll do when this comes out and then socom confrontation, oh I know I’ll quick my job and my wife and kids can die of hunger. got to save some money to pay my high speed internet and electicity lol

  • i enjoy this interviews and all, but will there ever be a third party dev? or a suprise dev for a ps3 game we havent heard of?

    i hope so…..i really do.

  • 6. If you could sit one person in front of your game for an hour, who would it be?

    Jade Raymond (Assassins Creed) – I have a purely innocent, *professional* crush on her.

    It’s not just you, man… well, except for the “purely innocent” and “*professional*” parts…

  • If it is going to be both a download and in stores, can we install the game to the hard drive if we wish and not need the disc after or use the disc as a key to download from the psn store, that would b freakin awesome

  • Warhawk is like a addicting the less you play it the more u wanna play it seriously i love this game THIS GAME PWNDS all

  • Warhawk looks _great_…

    One major question (the deciding factor between download and Blu-Ray for me…

    Will the Blu-Ray need to be in the drive to play Warhawk if I purchase the Blu-Ray version?

    I _very_ much enjoy the freedom of not needing to place a Blu-Ray in the drive when playing a downloaded game. If I’m choosing between two games to play, the downloaded game almost always wins.

    I’m still interested in the headset and extras of the Blu-Ray version though, so I would be willing to spend the additional money.

    Thank You!

  • game looks sweet cannot wait to get my hands on it i need something other than resistance to play on my ps3

  • and XD at the webmaster and his link to corn… lmao

  • I for one want to say had I not gotten to play the Beta I would not have wanted to get the game. But now I do. This is the game that is getting me into online gaming. I have not been a fan of it in the past and after playing the Beta I can’t wait to buy the real game.

  • I was reading that EA is putting in a learning took for the Wii remote and numchuck. Sony should have a learning tool for the sixaxis controller also. It seems like it can be a little tricky getting it to work just how you want to use it. So some kind of learning tool, I think would help practice using it and getting better at using it also, plus it would show that Sony also cares about new gamers and controller training.

  • Can we start getting some larger images please???

  • I see the flags now have stripes of some kind good to see that

  • OH NO! Somehow the ITALICS tag got stuck!! All the comments are instantly sarcastic! :)

    Good interview. Always like the fun-lovin’ joker guys more than the ultra serious people. I am really impressed with how dedicated the Warhawk team seems with this game and how they are putting their weight behind the new direction it has taken.

    I am still upset by SP being taken out, but im sure that the next Warhawk will have plenty of that. Besides, by then the devs will have so much experience under their belt that they could do a lot better job with it than they could now!

    Oh, and you were spot on with the split-screen 2player thing. There are SOOO many games that need this option. It needs to be a STANDARD- especially with PS3 games and the 7 SPU’s. This could quite possibly be one of those “next-gen”(forgive me) aspects of gaming that we seem to have overlooked.

    2-player + split-screen + online = BRILLIANT

  • I’m guessing the pictures are from the updated game engine right?….cause it looks a lot better than the beta

  • WHAT COULD THIS BE? 7.”One of the other games that I am dying to play isn’t announced yet – The PR folks will shank me if I say anything about it.”

  • Hello. The game looks great, cant wait to play it. If you dont want to go online, can you play with a friend against bots on split screen?

    Oh, and it would be nice to enjoy thoose images in highres. They are small, but they look awesome. Thanks

  • Ok i wasn’t really interested in this game but all the noise comin out of the open beta really got my attention. That plus the fact that am gettin a free Bluetoothe headset with the purchase lol. I’ll be checkin this one out when it’s released no doubt.

  • Unfortunately I never got into the beta :( . But, I am definitely thinking about downloading this off the store, although I’m afraid to find out how long it will take to download. Big demos take me 3 hours just to download, so I hope it’s no bigger than 1gb. Also, are you thinking about an open beta anytime soon? :)

  • I was wondering the same thing Globox82. I hope there will be info on that game at E3 too.

  • Joe | July 5th, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    Maybe Killzone 2 :) No wait that has been announced….ughh can’t for E3

  • I realy want this game soooo bad. Reminds me of crimson skies kinda except 10 times better.

  • The warhawk beta was the best time i ever had playing on my PS3. I can not wait till this game is released!

  • Great Interview!
    Even though I did not get a chance with the beta. It is refreshing to hear all of the positive comments from the Beta Testers. Blu Ray with headset here I come!

  • Just want to say also great idea with the headset bundle. thats the exact headset I was going to buy soon for when Socom is released. Now I can kill 2 birds with one stone.

  • beta was great.. and i truly didn’t expect this but Dylan was on top of things.. like i’ve never seen b4, changes that were made, were great.. looking forward to this game..

    warhawk ftw,

    most of my friends are very sad, beta is over, they don’t come over anymore :0( i want it back!! lol.. good stuff dylan and incognito of course

  • The beta was awesome. I miss it :(

  • This game is one of the biggest reasons I plan on getting a PS3 in the next few months, I can’t wait to ge my hands on it.

  • i got to play the beta for the week before it was pulled and it was a blast, real drop in and fight war style. i like that alot.

    now getting practice on the controls is my next challenge. can’t wait for this to come out. [:

  • is there going to be a public beta or more beta opportunities because i didn’t get in the first one

  • Any chance at E3 that there could be news on how many more maps will be added. In the beta there was five. So I just want to know if there will be only five or more then the five that were shown and the number be more like 15 total.

  • out of all of the Beta maps i like the High rise in the sky one (used in the main photo) was made for Warhawk speeding to flag in CTF and jeeping it back without dieing

  • Thanks for having me in the Beta, it was really awesome. I apologize for my rampant team-killing but I was having too much fun to care.
    Warhawk is going to be a huge success and a defining franchise for PS3, I know its been tough getting there but we gamers salute the team on BRINGING IT!!!
    See y’all in the skies…

  • This game has me more excited then most, thanks for the blog post, can’t wait to pick this up.

    On a side note when can we expect Warhawk 2 ?!?!?!

  • that warhawk beta was the best. it gave me a reason 2 play my ps3 my girl was so mad at me because she was getting no time from me
    all i kept sayin 2 her was warhawk baby warhawkkkkk

  • People that didn’t get to be in the beta are in for a treat.

    Also Incog, you guys are gonna need way more official servers once the game is released. Oftentimes, all the rooms would be full(except for the DM only ones). Seriously TDM and CTF are where it’s at. Also, I might be the only one that feels this way but there should be a limit of players on the small size maps. It’s way too chaotic (maybe that’s a good thing lol).

    Finally, does anyone know if our stats and ranking from the beta will transfer to the finished game?

  • I was in the Beta. Awesome game! Wish there was still a single player version though.

  • I had no hopes for this game before the Beta came out. I was on the BETA, and it was the best thing to happen to my PS3! But if Dylan is reading this, please consider the following requests:

    — make SURE split-screen multiplayer works. In the Beta, it would always locked up after 5mins or so. It’s a blast to have friends come over to all play online!

    — character customization is a bit weak. You can choose between a White guy or a Black guy. How about some Asian and Spanish representation?

    — make SURE all audio doesn’t come out garbled. About 75% of my games had garbled audio in the Beta. Also, would be nice if you could get a menu with a checkbox to choose which players you want to hear or talk to. Cause sometimes, you just want to be talking to your friends… not everyone on your team.

    Thanks… this one a SURE BUY for me. Can’t wait!

  • Warhawk Beta was great fun. It’s amazing how a large 32 man filled map can play with no lag at all online.. is this all attributable to the Cell? Resistance was the same with their 40 man games. I love how you guys implemented the multiplayer in this game where players can go online together using a single PS3 console. There needs to be MORE games that do this for the value-add.

  • 32 players isnt the limit that was a beta test. The good hing is that it comes with a bue tooth headset.

  • Warhawk looks like another must-have for PS3 owners. There are some pretty good looking games coming out this year and most of them seem like must-haves.

  • trust me you like socom your going 2 love this

  • Played it, its awsome. Graphics are so under appreciated. Blew me away

  • Sniff i didnt get on the beta. This will be one of the must have games on the ps3 for me!

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