Inside the Developers Studio: Seth Luisi

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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation
1. What game do you have at E3 this year?
I’m working with two games at E3 this year: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation for PLAYSTATION 3, and SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike for PSP. For the purpose of answering these questions, I’ll focus mostly on our PS3 version of SOCOM.

2. What did you do on this game that you couldn’t do on another platform?
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation makes full use of the HDD in the PlayStation 3. One of the often overlooked advantages of the PS3 compared to competing platforms is that it contains a 2.5” serial ATA hard drive which allows us to use the Hard Disc Drive for extremely fast data access. Since we can count on the hard drive to be in every PS3 console, SOCOM Confrontation uses a very aggressive data streaming system which in turn allows for much greater detail in the game environments. For this reason alone, the level of detail which you will see in the environments and characters in SOCOM Confrontation is not possible on any other game console.

Take a quick look at the screenshots below for an early look at what we are able to achieve using the hard drive in the PS3. This is still pre-alpha and the quality will continue to improve as we get further into development.

3. What do you think is the coolest aspect of this game?
The environments are the real star in SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation. We are focusing a lot of effort on creating intricate and highly detailed urban environments. The amount of detail in the environment will help you to easily distinguish where you are in the level and the intricacy means that you are going to discover new areas and snipe points long after you thought you had the environment memorized.

The characters are also looking really good.

At the top of the post is an in-game screenshot of our Heavy Commando model. The skin shaders, cloth shaders, normal maps, and highly detailed textures allow us to have extremely realistic characters in the game. Again, this is a work in progress.

4. If you could sit one person in front of your game for an hour, who would it be?
N’Gai Croal. He’s been a long time player of the SOCOM franchise and I would really like to discuss what he thinks about this game. It doesn’t hurt that he is also one of the best journalists writing about video games and also writes for Newsweek.

5. What game do you most want an hour to sit in front of yourself (besides your own)?
Metal Gear Solid 4. I’m very curious how the game plays compared to the videos that have been shown so far.

6. How many E3’s does E3 2007 mark for you?
All 12 of them. I’ve been to every E3 including the first one in 1995.

7. Describe the pre-2007 E3 experience in five words or less.
Very stressful, little sleep…

8. Most over used phrase or expression during E3 season.
“Game of the show.” The press are so busy each trying to be the first to declare the game of the show that they ignore most of the games shown at E3 including some really good ones. Also, half the time they declare a game which is shown as video only as “Game of the Show.” A note to the press, a game by definition is interactive and so a video is not a game and cannot be game of the show.

9. You are asked to make suggestions for an E3 survival kit- what three items HAVE to be included?
Aspirin, water and a GPS unit to navigate LA.

10. Describe what you anticipate from 2007’s newly formatted E3 in five words or less.
One word, fiefdoms.

11. What’s your favorite part about developing games for a living?
My favorite part about developing games is that moment of relief and excitement when I finally see things working in the game as we meant them to be. Most people don’t realize this, but it can take more than a year of hard work and planning (some times several years) before the game is up and running as you envisioned. That whole time you are hoping that things are going to work as planned and that you are going to have a great game but you never know until that moment. It is extremely exciting when it does work and you realize you have something special.

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs ConfrontationSOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation

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2 Author Replies

  • i’ve yet to play any of those socom games yet. i’m sure this one is gonna be an awesome game.

  • Glad to hear confirmation that the screens are pre-alpha. Not that they look BAD, but they already look pretty tasty, and if there is still improvements to be done then I can’t wait to see.

    You’re definitely right though. A video is not a game. A game is a game. Sure, you could say that with that thinking that there is often very little to choose from as the “GotS” seeing as how many games usually aren’t in playable form at these shows, but it still goes without saying that hands-on is really the way to tell what is awesome and what is not.

    The crappy, sloppy, half-arsed Wii games that were available for hands on before the Wii launched got so much praise mainly because the Wii itself was a new experience- not because they were great.

    I can’t wait to see how the new SOCOM turns out, and hopefully this will be the SOCOM to keep me hooked. I didn’t like 2, never played the first, and the used copy of 3 was scratched beyond all repair, so I think I’ll wait for this MP-only title to see if I can catch the “SOCOM bug”! :)

  • OMG, this game looks freaking amazing! I have about 20 games on my wishlist for this year, and this is on my top 3 behind Killzone 2, ahead of Warhawk. The trailer looked very promising, and the screens above look awesome! I’m also extremely delighted you are using the Warhawk strategy, because it’s really awesome to be able to just download the game from my couch. The headset with the game is going be amazing, and it’ll really build community. I loved Socom 2 on PS2, and Socom PSP, so I can’t wait for this!

  • I hope its more like Socom II, #3 killed it for me

  • Socom: Confrontation looks awesome. I have played America’s Army for as long as it’s been out and have stopped since my PC has basically become second fiddle to the PS3 as far as where I devote my time now. Socom: Confrontation looks to be a great online shooter in the same vein. Only with the PS3’s capabilities and the PSN, I am looking forward to the many, many nights of playing this online, chat on and talking smack and meeting people of like-mindedness.

    We’ve seen a desert town map so far.. can you give us any indications as to what other environments we may see?

    Keep up the great work!

  • I never played a Socom game but i am interested in this one.


  • Its really satisfying to hear about such a concrete use of the PS3. I never got to play SOCOM because I skipped out on the PS2 Network Adaptor. Hopefully this will be just as good as the best of them.

  • Thanks for sharing, I have never played a Socom game but it looks like this game will quench all my counter-strike urges.
    Looks beautiful, count me in!

  • i have played all of the games from day one. i cannot wait until this game comes. If anybody at the SOCOM team reads this, please add an option for turning the HUD on/off. I have 3 generations of Socom Images burned into my CRT TV. Look me up on Socom!!

  • I started playing Socom 2 and never went away from Socom again. Im going to definantly buy this game the first day it comes out. This game is probably one of the best as a Playstation exclusive.

  • Played the first SOCOM. Looking forward to trying this out with my Warhawk Bluetooth.

  • self.confessed.cynic

    I’m really really excited about SOCOM – not only because it’s a return to the series’ roots, but also it marks (with warhawk) a defining change in the currently definition of the PSN.

    Huge games like this and warhawk will definitely set it apart from things like XBL and Nintendo’s online offering (both of which are dominated by what one could call mini-games).

    Great work, and kudos for being the first team to take the fully Downloadable Content route.

  • I like the Navy SEALS games and all but when are we gonna see an SAS game

  • Socom as always been great. Loved it on PS2, and am loving it for my PSP.

    Yet I am more excited about what Socom 4 might bring in a single player or co-op form. Dont get me wrong I will still be downloading Confrontation.

    How many games can I play online at once? None when my wife kills me for taking up the living room all the time LOL.

  • I have played many hours of Socom 1 and Socom 2. I bought the PS2 add on HDD just so I could play the new maps. Of course I got totally addicted to FFXI but thats another story. When Socom 3 came out it was kind of a disappointment. I have a PSP but never got into Socom on the PSP. By the looks of this game and the concentration on online only game, I am sure Confrontation will bring the Socom franchise even higher than it is already.

    I am sure many of you will agree that the Socom franchise has a special place in our hearts because for me it was the first Voice Chat enabled online multiplayer game I ever played. I started playing Socom 1 when the beta came out and was hooked since then. I am looking foward to falling in love again with the Socom series. It has been a long time Socom. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

  • I really hope this game brings back EVERYTHING from S1 and S2. If this game has anything to do with S3 and CA as far as gameplay is concerned, I will not buy it. S3 and CA destroyed the concept of SOCOM, and completely ruined the gameplay. They need to get rid of the huge maps and the 32 player max. If anything they should just make those an option for custom games that way the S3 fans can still enjoy… But the majority of SOCOMers preferred S1 and S2, so default ranked rooms should consist of smaller maps and 8 vs 8 to improve tactical strategy, communication, and clan play. 16 vs 16 is way too challanging to have any sort of plan, I mean trying to get 15 teamates to organize a plan is impossible. Games like that turn into Battlefield clones. SOCOM is not about all out war, it is about tactial action.

  • And get rid of the vehicles as well. Those should never be brought back.

  • Sounds awesome. Can’t wait! Hopefully more at E3? :)

  • Great interview, I know tons of Playstation fans are looking forward to this game. Keep up the good work everyone.

  • I loved so much SOCOM 2.

    This will be awesome!!!!! Thanks for the remake of CROSSOADS!!!!! ;)

  • omg this game looks sooo goooddd

  • I cant wait for this game and if that is a pre-build of the game! i honestly cannot wait, what the final product will look like.

  • Bring it back to Socom 2 and make it look next-gen….

    I’m down for that, just don’t have spotty voice–chat plz…it’s very important in games like this.

    The return of Socom is finally upon us!!!

  • Wait, the screen is in PRE-ALPHA and it’s that good. Holy ****…………………………….AWESOME!

  • Oh and I forgot I’m on a 480p moniter. Wow……
    *stares in awe*

  • excited to see what this game does with it’s potential. A demo would be good… played socom 1 for about twenty minutes and took it to game stop. couldn’t stand the control scheme and camera. expect more from the franchise, esp not another remake.

  • Ive never played much of socom and tought that they were too heavy for the ps2 system or the server couldnt keep it up, but now things are different.
    Ps3 has loads of power and sony has improved a lot in online gaming so im believing the power of ps3 and socom.
    ps. that picture of that guy looks freaking awesome and its on pre-alpha stage O.o

  • quote for the interview:

    “Since we can count on the hard drive to be in every PS3 console..”

    Nice! I’m glad the developers are finally using the PS3 as it was meant to be used! Fully!

    thanks for the interview!

  • I have to say that since i saw tactical strike on last week, i am very much looking forward to it. Confrontation looks excellent too.

  • I was wondering is there any chance there will be a beta for the Socom game on the PS3. I for one think that would be cool.

    I have just finished the Warhawk beta and can’t wait to get to play the final game. So I think if there could be a beta it would make me feel the same way. That being I can’t wait to play the final build.

    Also a beta could be a way to give a taste of what is to come.

    I also want to know if there will be any vehicles in the game.

    That all being said I can’t wait to play the game on the PS3. So I hope all will go well and I can’t wait until E3.

  • So when can we expect a beta? :)

  • That game flippin’ ridiculous, I can’t wait for SOCCOM. But honestly…what about any E3 news? anyone?

  • Great work, looking forward to it!

  • Also some thing I forgot to ask is there any chance Socom for the PS3 will come out on a disk over just being a downloadable game. I like how on Warhawk you can download it or buy a disk so I hope this game will do the same.

    I always like having a disk for backup. So if the game can come out that way I think it would be great.

  • 5 stars for Another great interview

  • wow.. to those of yo who never played the original socom’s.. how do you call yourself gamers? it was THE game for ps2.. but anyway.. i hope Slant Six takes socom back to its roots with smaller teams to allow for some strategy. Socom 3/ca were not socoms. more like battlefield clones.

    The main things Slant Six needs to remember is that the bullets go where the crosshairs are (even when running), the mics work!, and the view is the orginal third person!!! (not over the shoulder/GRAW view)..

    I never understood why Zipper would try and fix all the things that were not broke with the franchise, yet never fixed the things that were…

    Thanks Seth for letting someone else try their hand at SOCOM!

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Dam dis game looks good. Will be getting it day one…if it is good of course.

    5 stars




  • that would be cool if we could download e3 trailers and play the demos of them games

  • Hey Seth, What ever happened to keeping us in touch with weekly updates on SOCOM on the SOCOMBLOG??

    Why do you continually promise things and never follow through??? I bet we won’t even hear an answer to this question, because as we the customer take it that you don’t give a crap what we think.

  • How many players online? This game looks stellar by the way. and Pre-Alpha? are you kidding me? this looks like a BETA! cant wait for some gameplay footage Seth.

  • And can you post some even darker pictures next time?? You can’t see anything in those pictures.

  • Advanced physics and building deformation would be nice, this is next gen, but I feel like we are still trying stretch the past.

  • i hope this game will be amazingggg!!! i was going to buy Rainbow Six: Vegas, but im willing to wait for a Sony made tactical shooter Socom! ive never played socom, but saw my cousin be hyped over the game when the first socom was out.

    any chance for when the PSP hardware becomes updated^-^, the WiFi b will be able to support b/g/n? bluetooth is in the talks, so why not the wifi?

  • Wow the pre alpha screenshots look awesome. I can’t wait to see this game at E3, especially how the enviroments and detail everything is so good.

  • I’m so glad you guys are bringing this franchise back to its SOCOM 1 & 2 roots. SOCOM 3 de-railed the series, but you are doing a VERY smart thing by returning to the glory days of SOCOM, and focusing on close-quarters combat.

    This is my most anticipated game this year, above R&C, above Halo 3, above Smash Bros, and I’m looking forward to wrapping my hands around the controller when this game hits the PSN.

    BTW, please NEVER put any vehicles in this franchise (Confrontation or the next one coming from Zipper) unless its single player only. They don’t fit this franchise.

  • can we have the game before the end of the summer?? im tired of waiting for all this games, i want to play some of them now

  • i love games that are about military
    this one gonna be awesome

  • By the way Sony, this is completely off topic:

    But you have to be frigging sh*tting me, if you dont buy exclusivity.

    Are you mad? I recall a poster who made a great point ” The N64 failed (as such) because it didn’t invest in 3rd party support “.

    If youre really in for a 10 year plan, with that kind mentality. Then you better think again :/.

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