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I just wanted to follow up on some comments from my earlier Folding@home post and provide some quick statistical updates.

Some people wanted to know what this “folding” is all about and why it makes sense on the PS3. To learn more about the project, you should visit the Stanford Folding@home site and have a look at the PS3 FAQ. But why PS3? First of all, there is no obligation to run the program, you can always ignore it if you prefer. The PS3 has two valuable things to offer researchers at Stanford: its powerful Cell Processor plus a large, dedicated PS3 community that is willing to help. These two things combined result in a significant contribution to the work that is done at Stanford to fight diseases.

There have been a lot of feature proposals. The F@h client on PS3 will be updated from time to time, and I am sure that we are picking up some of the suggestions. Stay tuned for details…

Many folks posted their WU scores – good work everyone! You probably know that there are statistics pages at Stanford where you can lookup your scores. But did you know that there are also other sites that take those scores and come up with a much more in-depth analysis? Take a look at Kakaostats or ExtremeOverclocking, just to name a few. You can figure out when you would reach a certain milestone, which rank your team would have a month from now, or review your contribution history. Some PS3-related highlights are below:

The PS3 dominated team 2CH@PS3 is currently rankd 47th since the PS3 F@h client release, which is simply amazing. But they need to fold a little more, otherwise they will be taken over later this week by the rocket-like DL.TV team (these guys are serious).

Another PS3 power team is, already ranked 67th.

Also check out the rise of the Official-ish PS3Fanboy Folding Team (soon to break into the top 200) and IGN-PS3 – also, quickly approaching the top 200 milestone.

And of course, there is PlayStation 3 (SCEA), in two weeks they’ll be closing in on the 200 position rank and they just passed the SCEA PDIT team. I can imagine these guys scrambling in the aisles now to recruit more team members…

Thank you to all the contributors, and look for more Folding@home updates here in the near future.

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  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Although I want to fold for the good of humanity, I really don’t have much of an incentive to do so. I do it every once in a while for like 30min just to feel good about myself.

    I give this post a 2 out of 5!

  • Would be nice if you could listen to you’re own music during the Folding.

  • I’ve never tried Folding.

  • do we get anything for folding? how about an invitation to the killzone beta

  • When will we hear some of the details of improvements you speak of? And can we multitask during folding?

  • I left my PS3 on for 1 week folding while on vacation away from home.. came back and was impressed my PS3 did not overheat nor suffering from any glitches. Now that it’s warmer, I fold less due to the heat produced as well as the energy demands (I’m in California). forums Team# 55265 ftw!

  • Yea, multi-tasking while folding would be great. It would be cool to listen to music or even sit in Remote-Play-Ready state while folding.

  • for the win!

  • PS3Forums getting some loving on here, nice! Would be interested in seeing this running in the background (except when gaming, of course) in the future. Same with Remote Play.

  • Yeah I agree with andycapps having it in a remote-play F@H hybrid would be awesome, instead of leaving it to do nothing until I get near a hot spot somewhere. Or just in Red Standby mode until I activate remote play, either which. Maybe both!

  • Glad to see that we can help.

  • the team i am in is 26, my ps3 is working hard for them every night i get a chance.

  • Rock on PS3 Forums!

  • comment 14, next time I want the 1st comment and I’m gonna get it dammit!

  • Generic name “PS3” has surpassed “anynomous” in the all time greatest F@H users list! Cell processor dominates!! for the win!! :D

  • Here are few things to be improved:

    1)The application stops all downloads. This makes no sense since actual internet communication only takes place when a package is being up or downloaded. Downloading should continue while folding. This way people can fold while they are waiting for their files to be downloaded.

    2)The fact that you can see other folding people on the globe is nice. But how about having different dots for people on your friendlist.

    3)Background running of the application would be nice. It doesn’t take too much processing power to look at your photos or listen to an mp3. During that the application may continue working.

    4)Leaderboards could be implemented. In fact, trophies for the upcoming HOME would be great. People could wear different Folding@Home T-Shirts or display how much they have folded with their trophies. There could even be a folding@home space for all the folders to meet and organize events and folding marathons. People who take part in these events could get special items in Home.


  • I’m ranked #19 on the PS3Fanboy team with over 200 WUs. Go PS3!

  • Anyone got any E3 news?

  • Stanford should give out Home trophies based on Work Units contributed. I know this is all about charity for disease research but it wouldn’t hurt to provide a “3d Home Protein Molecue”. Perhaps every 400 WU you get a different color Molecule? Blue, Red, Green, gold, etc?

    Its not an expensive reward for all the contributions right? Just one more 3d model.

  • I leave my PS3 running almost all the time, so with the 20 minute cut in of F@H, it runs a fair number of work units. I have noticed that it doesn’t over heat or cause serious issues, but I would like to issue this warning to PS3 users: F@H will cause residual processor lag if you leave it folding for an extended period!

    If you notice a game seems sluggish after folding, just reboot the PS3. Leave it off for maybe 5 seconds and turn it back on. Works like a charm. I noticed that after folding, the creatures in Oblivion were in slo-mo. It was awful. I thought it was the worst port ever (FEAR wasn’t out yet). One reboot later and all was perfect. So be warned …

  • I fold all the time. I’ve got multiple PS3’s and have been folding since launch in one way or another. Thoughts: other than the obvious humanitarian goals, what are the incentives (if any) to PS3 owners for contributing? Will there be anything set up for us to rec’v awards for contributing to the greater good? Can our f@h points be converted into points for the PS store or HOME? C’mon SNE give us something tangible that we can use while spending hours and hours folding at home. I’m on right now as a matter of fact. I agree with “dreamkin” – more access to other things in the XMB during folding is long overdue.

    P.S. – update the PSN so that you can have more than 100 friends on the list or w/e. Having to set up so many accounts just for friends is preposterous and archaic. WIN THE WAR!

    PSN folding team 60148

    PSN – Maddens_Raiders
    PSN – Super_Madden_N4G
    PSN – Kaz-Yamauchi
    PSN – Weapon–X


  • I try to fold anytime I can. I’m on team
    Sony Playstation 3 G.A.P. 54751
    Currently 6th place with 243 WU
    Team Ranking (incl. aggregate) 356 of 71977

  • I feel the inclusion of folding@home was a clear step away from the XBOX Live style; Sony is heading to a more open community. We want linux? We got linux. We want scaling? We got scaling. We want free network access? We got free network access. I expect to see more of this trend in the coming months. Good job Sony.

  • Very cool. I had no idea about those sites.

    PS: I think that an update is needed allowing users to listen to music while folding. I certainly would fold A LOT more.

  • I’m part of the PlayStation Underground team, but I haven’t folded in a long time. I’ve done 3 WU’s.

    8 hours for a WU is just too long. I hope shorter WU’s are in store for us PS3 owners.

  • @MarkyMarkPS3
    Looks like you didn’t get it!

  • Way to go BTW, there’s a foldathon going right now for July 4th. Still time to enroll. Just check the the forum for more information.

    Things to add in the future: Possibility to tell the PS3 to do X number of W.U. then shut-off. Or simply fold for X hours and shut off. Even better, would like to be able to program it to fold from let say 11:00p.m. to 7a.m. every days (unless I’m playing of course)

    Let’s cure some stupid diseases like cancer.

  • This project provides each PS3 owner with a unique and wonderful opportunity to make a small contribution to an extremely large, global, distributed computing program.

    It involves hundreds of thousands of processors around the world that are working in unison towards a common goal, resulting in arguably the “largest supercomputer in the world”.

    Collectively, we are now simulating problems (related to diseases) that are millions of times more challenging than ever before.

    Some PS3 owners want to contribute, but hesitate because they’re concerned about overheating. In a nutshell, if people follow the general precautions, they need not be concerned about this.

    I have two PS3s which are used for both gaming and for Folding@Home (our team is IGN-PS3); they are always on, and have been on continuously since early April… a testimony to the reliability and ruggedness of Sony’s product.

  • Glad to see F@H is still promoted so well!

  • i just dont no what folding home is i see it on my ps3 but what does it do explain 2 me peoples

  • I have been folding@home since March.

    I have 3 members of my team that are over 200 workunits!

    Our team is rated at 2021…but this is mostly out of 3 people. We all fold 24/7!

    Folding@home Team 56396

    Playstation Network Name: Aiphanes
    Resistance Clan: Knights of HalfBros
    Warhawk Clan: Knights of Halfbros

  • I cannot believe that the baddest assest F@H team was not mentioned.

    The REAL Forums Team. Forums Team – #55265
    We are ranked number 77 and just reading that team is kicking our ass is pissing me off. Now I vow to cure more cancer and Alzheimer’s than you guys at the AHHHHHH

    I leave my PS3 on for 24 hours a day seven days a week. So it is folding when I am not playing games or watching BD for example. I have 214 WU, yeah. F@H & PSN Id: Herbyg

    I have never noticed a CPU lag of any kind and regularly stop F@H to play a game with no ill effects. My PS3 is well ventilated of course. I have never had any issues at all.
    It is important that you guys realize that the point of the program is not to win prizes or incentives. It is so you can lend your electricity and CPU power to Stanford researchers, which can help them find cure for diseases that have affected at least someone we know in our immediate lives.

    @ Dreamkin
    F@H does not stop background downloading make sure you check that again and you will see your downloads continue with no problem.

    The real PS3 Forums team FTW Forums Team #55265

  • Did you know?

    Based on the Standford statistics, F@H is the most downloaded and played video game for the PS3.

  • I always feel conflicted between helping Stanford do their research and lowering my CO2 emissions… usually, I opt to save the energy and leave my PS3 off.

  • Everyone keep Folding, And mabey just mabey I will never have to quit smoking.LOL

    I try to Fold at least one unit a week.

    Is the electricity we are using Tax Deductable?
    I love getting my money back from the IRS.

  • I am folding on a PS3 and on several PCs. On the PCs, the folding uses the CPU whenever they are idle. I wish that the PS3 could do the same, it would be more productive.

    I leave the PS3 on for folding always, and that has resulted in more than 200 work units since middle of April. My PS3 has no problems with noisy fan, and it can take the heat.

    The PS3 could have been the ultimate symbol of the individualistic nerd who does not care about the world outside the games. Folding@Home means it is not. In fact, the PS3s represent little more than half the CPUs, while carrying more than half the FLOPS in the FAH project! Powerful machines!

  • Charity: The Game

  • I would Fold more, but I’m too chicken to leave my PS3 on without me around.

  • Klaus Hofrichter

    @Herby(32): yes, that’s an oversight :-(
    And thanks, great attitude on your side vowing to fold more; that’s the gamer spirit!

  • I found out about folding before the PS3 ever came out, but it was because of the folding on PS3 was how I learned about folding and one of the reasons I chose to make the jump from the PS2. It doesn’t hurt anyone, and the power usage is neglible so I have all my computers and my PS3 folding. At first I thought it was just going to be a “phase” and people would get bored of folding, but it’s good that people still care about contributing to the project.

    I hope that the project breaks the petaflop scale soon!

  • i tried folding 24/7 as i slept, but as i tried playing games after the PS3 was on for over 14 hours and it kept freezing up on me at random points..

    i figured it must have gotten too hot staying on for so long, i have it well ventalated, but i can’t compromise my gaming experience!

    it’s too bad, i really like the idea of it…

  • Maybe having some incentive like a home item or trophy’s or playstation points or something would definately attract more folders. It is charity but if it gets more folding done why not add some rewards.

  • @ Klaus
    It is all in good competitive fun and for a good cause.

  • I can vouch for Herby been the king of folding. He does leave his PS3 on 24/7. How’s the electricty bill though herby? ;)Sony should be using the power of the PS3 as well as the hardware reliability in their marketing over the opposition, would Microsoft’s next gen console be able to withstand a 24/7 folding extravaganza? The PS3 truly is a well built piece of kit, far superior to lsat generation. Hats off to Sony on that.

  • Nothing about the Forums Team? We’re currently ranked #77. as someone else already mentioned…

    I slacked off a bit for a month but I currently have 168 WU done. Matter of fact for the better part of the past 3 weeks I’ve been running F@H none stop on my PS3. Only shut it down for a couple hours twice, and obviously played some trailers and games from time to time in between. ;)

    Someone mentioned trophies. I think that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Add a few different levels of trophies for F@H participants. Perhaps 100, 200, 300, 400, 500… milestones [trophies]. Not necessarily those specific numbers but something would be pretty cool for Home…

  • i dont understand fold@home at all

  • As a smoking fiend, I Fold on a constant basis and urge the rest of you to do the same, if not for your own scores than do it for someone like me! =P

  • I will make it easy it cluster “node” of computer that work data from research of any kind. In this case it diseases, that raw data that comes from research need to be processed to we can understand it. Like when you need to render CG video it takes lots of CPU time. One computer would take 1,000 years to do all that data, with network cluster “node” of them it takes less and less time. With Sony Cell Processor being more powerful than IBM Blue Gen supercomputer, which if you take in size, power usage, other factors it supercomputer in today Desktop/Server standers. Back that up with community of 5+ million PS3 anyone that wish to be part of this cluster “node” network can help with CPU time.

    Sony PS3 cost $700

    IBM Blue Gen cost $8,500 “last ebay price used”

    PS3 for it price and size, one hell of a computer.


  • I would love to see Folding@home run at a slower rate when you watch movies or play PS2 / PS1 games…

  • I am ranked in the top 300’s now. If you want to get to the top like those guys stated above, join a team. My team used to have 3 members, which all got me to where I am. But in the past 3 months, I’ve been Folding by myself. If anyone wants to get to the top, there’s only one way, join a team. And what better my team to join?

    My project # is:


    It really does make a difference. And who knows, Sony might team up with Stanford and award some spots on the closed beta of Home, or another game in beta.

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