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We’re wrapping up our reader poll today. It’s clear that Heavenly Sword, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Warhawk are highly anticipated games this year, our poll garnered 10,000+ votes! Very impressive. Over the next few weeks, we’ll have the developers who are working on these titles chime in here to talk about them as part of our Inside The Developers Studio series. More to come, but now, on to our next poll…

Over the last few weeks we’ve been receiving and reading a ton of your ideas and thoughts about what sort of features we should be adding to this blog to make it better. We have our own thoughts of course, but given this blog is about you guys and in the spirit of this week’s July 4th holiday, we figured we’ll just put it to a good ol’ fashion vote.

Starting today, on this blog’s sidebar —> vote for the feature(s) you would *most* like to see incorporated here over the next few weeks and we’ll do all that we can to oblige. Also, feel free to leave us suggestions in the comments too — all things will be considered. We know this blog needs some fine tuning, with your help we’ll get it there.

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  • I want info on the rumble sixaxis!

  • Screenshots would be best, and some videos? :P

  • When can we get these Xbrix fanboys off our backs with some killer exclusives??? Will SONY contemplate jumping into bed with some 3rd party devs like Namco in the early days and secure a huge title exclusive? It seems the only way SONY can compete at the moment? Don’t get me wrong, i think the 1st party are looking great, can’t wait for drakes and warhawk, but something that will make gamers buy a PS3 just for that title!?

  • How about some exclusive videos?

  • Downloadable desktop wallpapers of upcoming titles would be awesome!

  • i would like some inside info. I mean this is the playstations blog i want news and stuff to Comment on that no other site has. I Know Sony has a few things to share at E3 but give us some info!!!!

  • Im fine with what you have, just offer honest good news with no hype, oh and maybe some peek at killzone2 etc :P

    Keep up the good work.

  • I think what information the blog actually gives us is what we want rather than more features. Screenshots, media, and other things in that category are very cool, and got my vote, but I think first and foremost the Blog viewers want more juicy bits of info to feast upon.

    I know min-E3 is coming up so there isn’t a whole lot you can talk about until next week, but we can’t sit around waiting for info to come in large chunks 2 or 3 times a year. After min-E3 is over try to keep a constant flow of exclusive news and announcements through this pipeline.

  • I think the blog is great…lets not take the focus off the big picture here and thats the PS3 and PSP.

  • I don’t think any of that in the poll would make me enjoy the blog anymore than I do now. I’m not big into downloading screenshots, all e-mail updates would do is annoy me, and i couldn’t care less what anybody else thinks about what I post (so rating system would be moot).

    You guys are doing good right now; just keep it up. i like where this is going.

  • I think the desktop widget idea is very good. Please implement that :)

  • I already have the RSS feed going for this blog… I don’t need any new post alerts.

    I voted for desktop wallpapers.

    One question:

    Are we going to have special E3 content? Like videos uploaded on the PS Store or this blog?

    Microsoft does that with XBL.

  • I agree with EvoAnubis. What you guys are doing right now is awesome. Just keep up the good work. What I would really like to see is when there in new content posted in the PS Store or when there is a new PS3/PSP firmware update to have someone post it has been updated and what all has been added.

  • how about contests and giveaways every one loves free stuff

  • Nevermind features for the blog. Sony should be looking at suggestions about features for its console and games. What updates people would like to see and what features people would like to see in 1st party games. Though if I had to say anything, sneak previews, ie. screenshots and embedded videos would be nice as well as regular updates on what’s in store for PSN. People want to see the games, what the PS3 is capable of. The Developer Corner is a good start, but more visual input is the key.

  • i’d love to be able to thumbs-up/thumbs-down on people’s comments…

  • As simple as it may sound, I wonder if it would be possible to, either “edit” our posts, or have a preview before we submit.

    As far as the desktop widget that you have listed in the “Quick Poll”, assuming you’re going to do a Windows only widget *rolls eyes*, you single out many users who do not use Windows. What if I’m viewing this blog from within Linux that I have installed on my PS3 ? Or dare I say, a Mac ?

  • i would like to see some more options posting wise…

    but yeah more high res. screen shots would be awesome…

  • something very important is some news on MOST of the features that you’re planning to implement thru the firmwares on the ps3.. is nice to know what to expect.. but only post them if they’re true of course..

  • Killzone 2 Image :3

  • Exclusive stuff and in stuff i mean vids,photos,views and news.
    I read lot of news from ps3today.com and europs3forums so i would like to have official confirmations for those kind of things and i think that many else would too.
    For an example is epic doing ps3 exclusive? they say that you will cut ps3 price at 200dollars, true or false? more map packs for resistance? bioware making a ps3 exclusive?
    Just a little ps3 news link on under the poll would be nice =D. I guess that you guys will answer all to those questions in E3 but in the future it would be nice to get little exclusive official news ^^

  • Special and EXCLUSIVE E3 Contents for PS3 & PSP!

    Hope to see Sony decides to unveils DIFFERENT TYPES OF VIDEO FORMATS! (DivX AND QT and WMA and many more!)

    Walk us through what SONY INTENDS TO DO WITH PS3 and PSP for NEXT 12-24 MONTHS!

  • Quote:”Nevermind features for the blog. Sony should be looking at suggestions about features for its console and games”


    But since we’re on the subject, wesites like IGN, 1up.com and countless others all have screenshots and crap!

    (I also think tons of game videos on the Playstation stor is just sad filler- also leave that to the journalist sites!! People are downloading all the videos cuz there is nothing else to download!)

    ********************KEEP THE BLOG TO THE HARDCORE NEWS AND DEVELPOMENTAL FEEDBACK!!!*********************

    leave the screenshots for the journalists.

    thanks for asking us, i am so happy this blog exists, i would hate for it devolve into blatant advertising.

    keep up the good work!

  • I like the exclusive video suggestion in #4. For me, exclusive developer interview videos complete with some behind the scenes game play of upcoming games are great!

  • You don’t need to get fancy with the blog by adding a ton of features. Keep it squarely focused on the games and the developers with frequent updates and we will all be happy.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    I don’t care about pics or videos, thats what 1000 other sites are for. I want exclusive inside news about GAMES, and what is going to please the fans in the future, like firmware updates.

    how about a feature were people ask questions, and sony answers them to their best ability. kind of like AskPS3fanboy at ps3fanboy.com

    Or a weekly segments were you can discuss the PSN or a certain topic like that. It might be a bit much to ask, but just think of how many people will be like- “man those people at sony sure are overdoing themselves with their blog”

    I voted for the star rating. that way, people can get the message across on whether they are liking the posts or not. If you see that the last couple of post have received below 3 stars, then you can be like- “lets give them something else cause they don’t really care for this type of news” once again, its all about pleasing the consumers.

    Well, other than that, keep up the good work, and thanks for the demo last Thursday. Looking forward to many more.

  • I would love to see exclusive preview type stuff. Things I haven’t read about somewhere else, or shots and movies I havent already seen.

    I understand that E3 is coming and everyone is in a frenzy about it, but I would hate that around E3 all we see here is E3 stuff that we see on every other website, and after E3 all we see here is the same canned questions and responses we see year round from everyone.

    Its reflected already in the Developers Studio questions, they are often standard, easy out, basic questions, with the same PR canned responses. Sure you don’t want to tip your hat early on your product, but more technological developments and dev insider stuff into the technology, engines and so forth can be discussed without giving away a game’s content.

  • like some of the posters above, I really think the blog is fine the way it is. Just keep us updated with true news (no hype). Keep the info coming.
    But I intend to spent more time on my PS3 playing games than reading blogs, and for that to happen, Sony has to focus on bringing us gamers features that are critical for next gen gaming (in game access to XMB anyone????). Resistance’s latest patch was a start, but I still have no way of communicating with my buddies on the XMB without getting out of an online match.
    I know that Sony has some wonderful long term plans, but for those that paid a pretty penny for the PS3, we want things soon…very soon.

    Hey… I have an idea….
    Maybe put a poll up with some of the features that gamers have been requesting (3 to 4), and let us vote what we want the most. Then take the item that got the most votes and priorities it.


    PS: here is a something good for the all the chiefs at Sony to watch and listen to:


  • Some videos would be nice, actually how about along the bottom of the screen there could be like a bar that gives us updates on games and PS3/PSP news like what they have on CNN with the stock market. Just a thought.


  • High-Res picture of course

  • Another thing, how about under promissing and over delivery on news and games, so that we can avoid hype and BS?

  • we need updated info on the next updates of when they are going ot be available and whats included

  • This blog has been a great start and I think will do wondering to improve Sony’s PS3 image.

    I agree with the sentiment that this should be the place to get behind the scenes info about PS3 and PSP content. Make this blog a place where it’s everyones first port of call in the morning, without marketing hype.

    But as I’ve said before, keep the games and in-game videos ( forget CGIs of games ) flowing. Compelling software will sell hardware. Rehashes may be the easy way out for publishers, so Sony should press for a bit more innovation.

  • I think it would be nice if there was a way to edit your post. This way if you wanted to say another thing you do not have to make a new post.

    Plus this would save up room on the blog.

  • Regular SCREENSHOTs. Not just of games, but of developer versions of XMB, Home, PS Store, etc.

    No caption or explanation necessary, just a screenshot of something never seen before. For instance, if this concept was in place a month ago, you could’ve used a screenshot like this:


    Just let the image speak for itself.

  • How about a status of when we’ll be getting PS3 tags?!

  • How about an option for a High Res download of the Sony E3 conference on PSN afterwards? HD Videos of gameplay and trailers of some big PS3 games at E3 would be nice as well.

  • i suggest this playstation.blog give the developers a info page about themselfs (what games they worked on, what they are working on, ect.) like, a place where developers just talk to each other, without us fans posting (but still watching)…basicly, playstation.blog for the developers to talk to their fans, developers.blog for developers to talk to each other…

    if not that, maybe a simple option for posting, like icons or symbols for “request for blog option”, “request for game option”, “complaint for game”, “complaint for blog”, and ” comment”
    those are the 2 main things i would like see :)

  • I would like to see more videos in HD that I can download to my PS3.

  • As others have stated already, this blog does not need any extra features. It needs extra content. Content that NO OTHER news source on the net can get their hands on until you yourselfs release it.

    Oh, and I agree with #3. More exclusive 3rd party titles are necessary.

  • This is going to be an unpopular comment,
    But I don’t think any further first party games should be released without some Idea of how Rumble support will be added.

  • Screenshots or Flickr hands down.

  • Yes exclusive HD game videos, of

    Killzone 2
    Little Big Planet
    Final Fantasy 13
    Socom Confrontation

  • I think with a improved web browser interface on PS3, This blog site would make a good link for the PS3 tab like function. Like the PS3 browser but it needs a face lift and functional improvements, I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse that could be utilized better and giving the user a better web experience.

  • @Patrick

    For the blog?

    Well this is a future suggestion, but; make a “catalogue” of Home Trophy compatible games. Or a section at least. Or perhaps “announce” which games are Home Trophy compatible.

    Its far too early, I know. But it would be nice if there was some sort of homepage/website that featured thism specializing in Home Trophy games.

  • Exclusive high resolution screenshots with as little compression artifacts as possible. It can really make or break a picture if the quality is bad. (IGN I am looking at you)
    It doesn’t matter if it makes the screen shots a bit big.

    You should also put up some high bitrate h.264 videos with footage from games. Preferably exclusive footage to get more people to visit this site. If you have the bandwidth to spare that is.

  • Real time Q&A would be great.

  • Humm, #44 gave me an idea.

    Why don’t you guys merge this blog and the PSN Store? Personally I would like the ability to download demos/trailers while I look up the latest news on this blog and what your guy’s thoughts up at Sony are as to the future of PS3/P. It would also be great because everyone with a PS3 would know that Sony has taken a proactive stance in getting to know the fans.

  • More insider information for me please. Nice to get it from the horses mouth.

  • Definitely more trailers and demos on the PSN. It sucks when Live! gets a demo and the PSN doesn’t. An example: Live! already has the teaser demo for Blacksite, but there’s no word on the PS3 demo.

    It just feels like there is hardly any communication as to what’s happening with PSN, Home, demos/trailers, etc.

    Better and more thorough communication would be the first step before anything else.

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