Resistance Map Packs Coming Tomorrow and Other Musings….

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I wanted to let you all know that the Resistance map packs are scheduled for release tomorrow (Friday) on the PlayStation Store. Normally, the Storefront only updates on Thursday, but we wanted to make sure you had something before the weekend with a special Friday release because you’ve been so patient with us and waited for this. No sense in making you wait until next week. We should have it up on the store by the early afternoon PST.

For those that have been following this saga since the beginning, this is not the first release date for the maps and content update. It is, however, the final one. We have completed testing on the global server and after many late nights, gallons of coffee and takeout dinners, we’re ready to go tomorrow. The team down at Insomniac, as well as us here in SCEA PD, are really excited about this launch, and can’t wait to get going with some of the best RFOM players on these new maps. Yes, these are global servers, so we’ll be competing with our friends on either side of both oceans as well.

And for those who are joining us late, all you need to remember is this:
• Downloadable content for Resistance: Fall of Man will be available this Friday, June 29th.
• There is a free content update which includes global play along with several other enhancements.
• There are two brand new, online maps that can be bought in a pack from the PlayStation Store for $7.99.

Full details on the content can be found here

See you in Westmorland.

Oh yeah, and next week we’ll have some Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction news, featuring a sneak peak of what will be shown at E3.

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  • Awesome. I can’t wait for the map Packs and awesome news about ToD. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for that! ;D

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait til tomorrow, you rule Insomniac ;)

  • Awesome! Its always great to get new content. And thanks for the heads up! Ill be sure to download it as soon as it is available.

  • To all, there is supposed to be a link on the word ‘here’ which links to the full patch notes. It should be live within in the hour

  • Greg, thanks for the much-needed update. I was pretty bummed when there wasn’t anything on the store today, figuring we’d have another week to wait, and I purposely checked the blog in hopes there was something like your post here.

    I’m really enjoying the Playstation blog.


  • Awesome stuff guys. Good to know that this stuff is coming out.

  • finally. i can’t wait. thanks insomniac.

  • Thanks and kudos!

  • Awesome!

    @Anyone at Sony

    Todays PSn update was Fantastic! thats what the updates should be like from now on. keep up the good work :D.

    I cant wait to battle other regions in the world in R:FOM. Thumbs up guys! :)

  • Great work on getting this out guys. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow night and Saturday, playing the hell out of these new maps!!

  • Updating the store whatever day is best, I tell you.

  • Thanks to you guys! This is great news…

    Can you comment the news about japanese developpers not wanting to make games for ps3… I don’t understand this very well, here’s the link:

  • thanks, you guys are awesome

  • We SuperGreg!
    Love, Insomniac

  • Thanks for the heads up. It’s always nice to hear some good news from Sony/Insomniac.
    Please take sometime to redesign the Playstation store. It looks like a cheap amateur webpage. Please please see to this!

  • Finally…

  • @12

    Its a FUD. They used an article about Square saying ‘no games will come out this FISCAL YEAR’ as reference, and spun it into ‘ Square NOT DEVELOPING ANY GAMES untill a larger install base is made’. Those are 2 completely different things-

    They just spun it into their own convience. So dont trust the article.

  • Okay, this Blog is officially “En Fuego”, please don your fire protection gear.
    Kudos to the team!

  • yea finally its coming out

  • “It is, however, the final one.” …
    So is everyone now focusing on Ratchet, or some working on Resistance 2? :)

  • great, i cant wait!!!

    ps.. are you working on more dl content for the future??
    like more weapons and more maps???

  • $8!!! $8!!! please tell me it isn’t so … please tell me the game that i use to talk my friends into buying ps3s is NOT charging $8 for 2 maps.

    thank god i quit smoking .. that makes it easier but god do i hate microthingies.

  • I am in love with this Blog……amazing!!!!!

    Now just tell us when 2.0 is coming out and were good to go :)

  • self.confessed.cynic

    Heh, nice prelude to next week – sounds great.

    A huge amount of people are really looking forward to this update and Ratchet.

    An interesting point, though, is the experimentation with the price point. $8 for two maps? I wonder if that’ll take off or not – I think this is the first map pack ever available over the PSN, so this will be interesting to watch.

    I wouldn’t mind an update on how the map pack goes, future plans for similar expansion and discussion of the price point. I believe, looking at the other PSN post and how the comment count is simply skyrocketing, that this discussion is highly valued to us as a consumer base.

  • Yes. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

  • maps should not be more than $ 1 each, or gamers will not go crazy for them, free is better of course.. but if you must charge.. dont get greedy and go for the $ 1 per map

  • This blog is great. And im tottally ready for ToD news! Ive never EVER bought a ratchet game before, but after Resistance. You guys have won me over as a dev team. Its on my must buy list.

  • Great addition to a great game. Thanks! keep them coming. I like the fact that the downloadable updates are adding something, like Time Attack on Motorstorm.

    $8 for two maps – while I’d like them free, paying for additional content that’s good is fine by me – especially if it means down the road Insomniac may be still developing new maps.

  • Thanks for the update, fellas. INSOMNIAC gets big kudos from me anytime. One question, Sony. Is there any way possible to purchase the maps without using a credit card, like with pre-paid cards. I’m kind of wary about using my card. Or will the maps be made available for free sometime in the future?

  • When are we going to get Wireless streaming stereo audio VIA Bluetooth A2DP? I have these awesome Motorola HT8200 wireless headphones and want to use them? Am I alone on this issue?

  • I thought the update was only for the Europe, but it looks like were getting it too. I haven’t played the game in a while, so I’ll be checking these maps out. I also can’t wait for the ToD info too.

  • Not much of RFOM fan myself but “Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction” part – that made my day!!!

  • Awesome thanks for the update Greg! :)

  • Cool, great news. Sadly though, I’ll probably still be playing RB6V.

  • can’t wait to get the update. Unfortunately, i’ll be counting the hours till i get home from work :(

  • Bring on the goods Insomniac…even tho I will be spending some quality time with Incognito’s Warhawk beta this weekend….Its the last weekend of me playing that game until August since the beta ends Tuesday….but thank you guys for rescuing me. I can feel great jumping back into Resistance without fear of getting bored.

  • So because of the delay why not make em free? ;-)

    Just kidding, just good to hear they are on the way.

  • Cool, I cannot wait for the update and the new maps.


  • YAY!! its finally here. Thanks for all the updates and heads up on this and Ratchet & Clank

  • like the others said….


    and i was hoping for like…5 bucks..but o well…


    now i just cant wait for the e3 announcements, changes to the ps store, home, and more updates.

  • Awesome this is great I lone Sony and Insomniac.

  • About time…

  • you guys should have made one of the new maps the England church. or the vatican. lol.

    and i’m stoked to see this finally but with Rainbow 6 out now a lot of people feel like it’s a bit late or $8 is a bit much when they have a whole new online experience to check out now.

    just a heads up. dope update either way but a bit overdo. $4.99 might have come across a bit better.

  • the GTA4 trailer and the demo are great additions too! keep the updates coming. we look forward to good news every week.

  • Cool I can’t wait for the update.

  • Very cool surprise. I ready to get back into this game now. Thanks so much. I love the FAQ. Many of my questions where answered.

  • Excellent. Considering that RFOM is doing so well i can understand the price tag on the maps. Hopefully if the sales are successful enough this will fuel additional content.

    Have to add that i’m happy with the PStore boost this thursday. Keep it up… my 360 is gathering dust.

  • Nice to see the content finally coming out. However, $7.99 is a bit too rich for my blood for just 2 maps.

  • and heads up…Netflix just picked their winner in the format war…blu-ray. you guys should get on that and put a link up to the article. here…check it out.

  • Global servers?! Brilliant, going to have to rush from work to play this.

    Prepare to die my new found American chums :)

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