Firmware 1.82 Coming Soon…

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Hey everyone, you told us you wanted to hear about updates a few days in advance, so here’s a quick heads up that we have a PS3 firmware update in the works. [UPDATE: it’s available today]

Firmware 1.82 is an update that enables the playback of AVC High Profile (H.264/MPEG-4) files. As most of you know, these are high quality files that you’ll now be able to play on your PS3. Hopefully this update is moving us closer to the audio playback features many of you commented about in my post the other week. We’re continuing to evaluate and improve things across the board, including PS2 software compatibility. Thanks for all of your support and feedback, keep it coming!

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  • Sweet. Thanks for the heads up!

  • OMG you guys are going off today. 3 good posts in a row.

  • Awesome. Thanks for the heads up!!

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • This blog really is quite something, this is what we wanted from the outset, at least we know what’s coming and we feel like we’re all in tune with each other. Now, you’re going to hear this a lot, but is there something at E3? A firmware 2.0 with in game XMB acces perhaps? Please say it will. That’s what we want, what we really really want.

  • Wow. You guys are on a roll today. :)

  • I love me some firmware updates.

  • Good to see you guys are letting us know about updates. Although I was hoping for bigger, but glad to see that there is one.

  • Hopefully Sony will release an app that is built specifically for the PS3 that will handle media serving from a PC. As it stands now the media playback capabilities are weak, maybe this update has more than what you have mentioned.

  • its getting even better, so is the blog. Keep is up Sony! And it doesn’t hurt to say something about the whole ‘world server/resistance map pack 1’ thing either, many of us are looking forward to it and some are getting mad about the delays. Please do everyone a favor and say SOMETHING. People are only getting mad because none of you are saying anything at the moment.

  • Wow! Thanks for the blog guys, you rock!

    On a side note, since you already try to make an accesible XMB and listening to music while “in-game”, do you consider inserting something so we could play AVI files?

  • Firmwares are tasty like the smell of justice in the morning. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some more audio functionality in the future. I hope theres some Ogg and FLAC functionality soon along with other open source audio and video.

  • Ok this has now won me over, no more complainging about SCEA, I’m’ happy!

  • Cool. Thanks for the heads up!

  • hold up the home beta now has XMB access
    come on sony stop holding out give us the goods check it out people

  • When are we getting 1.90??? I cant wait to see what thats going to have. This update is kind of weak but atleast its something.

  • Odd, I thought we already could play back those files… guess it’s a different profile that’s now enabled. I’m very grateful for the firmware update news, especially since today is when people would start expecting news on the monthly update. :)

    But I second playback of ogg, mkv, and flac if everyone’s favorites of avi+divx isn’t an option due to licensing reasons (and I would be willing to buy a playback pack in the PSN store if that’s what it took). I know mkv has a BSD licensed option for playback, so that anyone can make an mkv player for closed-source commercial use without having to pay anybody else.

  • Please work on MPG playback support. Using 4 different UPNP/DNLA servers on multiple PCs and a NAS box too many mpgs give “corrupted data” or unsupported data or start playing with good video and sound then freeze and give a 88xxxxx error. We are so close to having the ability to playback stored media from multiple servers and it will make the PS3 truely the centerpiece of my living room entertainment both gaming and movie playback. TIA

  • Sony keep it coming

  • Fingers crossed that a “Force On” option for 24hz support will come into action for those of us who have TV’s that can do 24hz, yet it’s not working with.

  • hey all,

    we have had some great firmware updates and i do thank you for that, but when is the scalar issue going to be fixed for gameplay? the issue for those who have a t.v. that outputs in only 1080i, is this a planned fix?


  • Thanks for the updates! It’s nice to know that we (the consumers) are being heard.

  • Nice, this is what the blog should be doing. Thanks!

    Question, though: any other updates besides just MPEG4 support?

  • Eric: Great to hear that you are listening to feature requests.

  • Yes I hope they fix all the DLNA nuances such as “corrupted data”, dropped connections, “inadequate” codec support, etc. Also please help 3rd parties make solid DLNA servers (e.g., WMV -> AVC conversion) even though it’s outside Sony’s scope ! We need the fool-proof end-to-end experience. :D

  • You guys are doing a great job thanks for everything and I looking forward to supporting the Ps3,and the community.

  • Everybody ASK them if they will include IN GAME XMB in the ps3 soon they will respond for sure come on!!IN GAME XMB!!!!

  • would have like 1.90 with music in-game but this is kinda nice…. also cant wait for a new psp firmware since 3.50 is now downgrade able

  • @Eric

    This is OFF TOPIC, but your 2nd post on this blog was about how the PS3 1.8 update with upscaling, and the blog mentioned that you were requesting people to send in suggestions for firmware upgrades, and you’d post the top 10 on the blog. What happend to that?

  • @joel

    Relax, Eric Lempel(writer of this post) already confirmed in-game XMB with cross game invites, messaging, and custom soundtracks with Gametrailers Bonus Round Episode 6 part 2. Now the question is….When?

  • In regards to backwards compatiblity, if it would be possible to fix MTV Music Generator PSX compatiblity, I would be very happy, as I use this game to produce music for an album.

    In regards to video features, still hoping for divx/xvid AVI support.

    Keep up the great work guys ^.^


    While the FULL RGB option now “sticks” in the XMB, PS2 games video output is still forced to YUV.

    Basically with 1.81, everything (XMB, PS1, PS3 and BD/DVD movies) can be displayed in RGB (when BD/DVD is set to RGB too, of course) except PS2 games that are still output as YUV with no options to alter that.

    This is annoying because I calibrated my tv for RGB FULL. The image is much more contrasted, it frankly has never looked this good but as soon as I run a PS2 game, the brightness is way too high and so the image washed out.

    Also it is annoying not to have the Upscale ratio type selection in the PS menu when playing PS2 games. Are we supposed to alter the setting every time in the XMB according to the game we want to play? Annoying. The option would be much better directly accessible from the PS menu.

    So to sum-up, Sony please:
    – Make an option to change the PS2 games video output to RGB.
    – Add an option in the PS menu of PS2 games to alter the Upscale image ratio setting (like DVD movies have it)


  • eric we need ingame xmb-_- thats what we want

  • Wow. You guys keep reconfirming my purchase. I love SONY!!! FTW

  • self.confessed.cynic

    Fantastic work – giving info before people even ask you for it : )

    I think what most people are asking for will be touched upon at E3 or TGS. In game music support, however, is already in the ps3 firmware, but its up to developers to support it (you cant force code to not process audio without significant overhead).

    I’d assume 1st party Sony titles will start implementing this come their release.

    Anyhow, keep up the fantastic work. (I can imagine its hard trying to keep on your feet and get all this news to us whilst still doing your job and only getting a “thanks!” for it…)

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  • Can I get some details on the High Profile playback?

    Such as:
    Max Number of reference/b frames (this was a pain to discover on earlier FWs)
    Max Bitrate (possibly a non-issue as one can use 25+Mbps already)
    What Level (4.1/2, 5 or 5.1)
    Interlace support

    Also, any chance of 5.1 AAC or subtitles (timed text)?


  • nice update, I am hopeing for a major update over the summer months that will offer more though, like background change and in-game messaging so that we can message ppl without having to quit the game.

  • Two words are enough: GREAT STUFF!!!

  • Is support for xvid/divx and quicktime a possibility for the future? So many files available online (and thus on many computers) are encoded in of these 3 types. Unless this type of support is impossible I strongly suggest making it a reality.

    Good job so far with the firmware updates. As a user I get to watch the PS3 grow…kind of like a garden. :|

  • Are there any plans in including AVI video support?

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  • Thx for the info and the update. keep it coming guys!

  • I hope this update will allow me to play Wild Arms 4 again on PS3, because after the previous update, I could no longer play it.

  • thank you, thank you, thank you for the heads up about all the firmware updates. Awesome!

  • sony just have xmb ready b4 warkhawk comes out i need my old school music when im flying
    around by the way everybody who plays socom get warhawk you will love it

  • Wow, i’ve been waiting for this one!

  • I’m still weary of firmware upgrades. I upgraded to 1.80 the day I got my ps3, and it proceeded to die (literally bricked, couldn’t even get the standby led to come on), after about 3 hours of tony hawk project 8.

    Are they any suggestions for how to update your firmware? I’d really like to avoid having to send it back and get another refurb.

  • Awesome. You guys are definitely winning a lot of people over with this blog. Keep it up!

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