PS3 Firmware Upgrade 1.81 Coming Tomorrow

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Just a quick update: we’ll be making available firmware upgrade 1.81 tomorrow which will fix a few small issues some of you have noticed. Most notably is the RGB Full setting which a few of you wrote in about. In 1.80 we added an option to the XMB under settings allowing you to choose between RGB Full and Limited. Basically if you are connecting your PS3 to your TV using an HDMI cable, and if your TV supports RGB full range, the picture quality may be improved when this option is set to Full. Some of you pointed out that the Full setting would sometimes revert back to Limited and 1.81 will address this issue. Please keep in mind that this setting is only effective when the PS3 is connected to a TV using an HDMI cable. You can download the update tomorrow from [update: the upgrade is now available, you can download it here] or through your System Update option on the PS3 XMB.

We’re continually evaluating and improving PS2 software compatibility too. Where we can, we’ll look to share similar updates like this on our blog moving forward. Thanks for your ongoing feedback and support!

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  • Sweet. Thanks for the update, on the update!! It’s nice to know about these.

  • I think it is nice to hear about it now but I wonder why no one has taken the time to talk about some of the features that may be coming in future updates so Sony could get some feedback on them.

  • Do you guys have any idea when XMB access will be available from within a game?

    I’ve heard or read at least 100 different PS3 owners begging for this access.

  • Great another pointless update to go along with the PSN store update. Man, I wish we’d get something substantial for once. I ahven’t played my Ps3 in 3 weeks about.

  • Good stuff guys but can we now get some content for the PSN? Its making me cry. :-(

  • Excellent. Now I can watch the sweet trailers for Hot Rod I downloaded from PSN. There was so much content I did not know what to download. You guys always put out the BEST PSN updates ever! XBL what? I mean, they get like two demos in one week. AND WE GET HOT ROD TRAILERS! This is the best time to be a PS3 owner!

    thanxxxxx sony u guys r awsome!!!!!!!

  • Glad to see the update coming. The RGB bug upset a lot of people.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Good to see this here rather than many threads around online talking about rumored FW update on random days! ;D

  • Yes but guys don’t you want XMB access from within your games while you play them?

  • YAY!!!!!! thanks for the info, btw I knew that adding this blog to my fav’s was a good idea.

  • No Bluetooth headset issues fixes? Since 1.80, every time I turn on the Datel one or the Motorola H300, the controller disconnects.

  • Hey can you tell me why we don’t have custom playlists? I’m sorry but this really grinds my gears….lol

  • good work on updating guys but we could use much more content for the store. i hope you guys have good stuff planned for us for weeks to come but how about more content every week-_-

  • Awesome, I am glad this bug is fixed…Thanks for the update!

  • Oh a lil update like this??? what a waste of time :(

  • That’s nice. Keep us updated!

  • PLEEEEEASE fix the backward compatibly… please!

  • Yeah the RGB reverted back to limited whenever i was watching a DVD….also whats up with the PSN store???? I mean its been weeks and weeks scince there has been anything of interest for EUR, games are coming in the near future to end this ridiculous dry-spell. What sells games are demo’s, what about R6,LAIR,The Darkness….no one really wants to see trailers, these are watchable on internet long before the PSN has it and in the same quality.When will you guys learn that the majority of the general public can’t be bothered downloading and watching a trailer on the PSN…….especially if its old.People want demo’s, downloadable films, music, the motorstorm and resistance patches that have been delayed and delayed and delayed with lame excuses…..pls, both games rock but the cheat bug in MS is just stopped me from playing till its fixed.
    Also the HOME and WARHAWK beta’s, why are they only for north america and canada??? Does EUR not count??? We have views also and would also like to get the chance to test software not just an ELITE few like it is now………apart from that i love my PS3 but at the moment theres a lack of games/content on PSN/improvements on existing games/delays delays delays/lazy devs not willing to put in the effort to make a demo for the PSN. I really do hope it gets ALOT better as this is really not impressive at all…….
    P.S. The blog is a good idea, at least we can read about whats going to get delayed next.

  • Can Sony allow us to put a wallpaper in the background too!? I mean you guys actually let us do this on the PSP for god sake.

    Please give us XMB access from in-game and wallpaper background support.

  • HA! Here is the guy in charge of PSN

    Eric Lempel // Director, PlayStation Network Operations

    Everyone tell him what we think of PSN Updates.

    Eric my friend how many minutes out of your day did it take you to provide those great MLB trailers over the last few weeks? Dont work too hard buddy, we wouldnt want you to break a sweat getting us all these great PSN Store updates. I

    Im running out of space on my 60GB HD for all this great PSN content…. NOT!

    Oh and gratz on the RGB Full update. Baby steps :)

  • I have to agree, a bit lackluster.

  • This is good news. Still Bluetooth fixes would be nice also, as my controller disconnects each time I turn on my bluetooth. I’d also like to not have to turn my bluetooth on and off everytime I enter a game or chat.

  • I think everybody is happy that at least the communication channels are opening up now between the company and the consumer, which is an encouraging sign.

    I have to hand it to Sony with their firmware upgrades, brings joy to a lot when they do happen, but can also bring angst to those who have little patience.

    I’m sure Sony know that in-game access is a no-brainer. I fully expect it in 2.0. Then we can all sleep better at night.

    Oh, and could someone see to it that there’s at least a demo, a PSN game or PS3 game pack, game trailers, movie trailers and PSone classics in the store each week. That way people would be satisfied each and every Thursday.

    I’m not singling SCEA out on the store updates, it’s a common trend across the world, what is going on with the lack of store content Sony, answers please.

  • yea, i would like to see access to the XMB from in game and backgrounds as well…but the one thing i really want to see is the ability to play the music on the ps3 in any game; custom soundtracks.

  • mr tretton… after another imbarassing psn thursday…. you must fire the people responsible for that

    its unbelievable how bad the psn store is, with all the potential that sony has…. someone is not doing his/her job

    enough with the promises or the waiting… gamers want content NOW not tomorrow and enough with the lame trailers

    when will you listen??? how hard is it for sony to understand what gamers want??

  • I’m glad a firmware update is being given that will fix some issues, but I’d also like to take this time again to talk about PS Store and future updates for the firmware.

    Please provide more PSOne games, demos, and trailers on the store. As for firmware, in game XMB access, wallpaper support, and alot of the things already provided on the PSP, such as date and time on XMB, faster rewind and fast forward speeds for music and videos, and RSS support.

  • give me demos you fools. and in game XMB access. thats it. all i want. does it really take over 6 months to implement a basic feature your competitor has had for a over a year. i guess this is what you get when online is free. id much rather pay 50 a month if i had decent content instead of not paying jack and not getting jack.

    PS, release one more MLB The Show video and ill sell my ps3

  • Another bug fixed. and thats great..
    Lukely the updates are not killing the PS3 like the updates of the 360 sometimes did.

    Its great that you communicate directly to us the PS3 owners..keep up the good work!!

  • Gamers have to learn that patience is a virtue.

    Calling yourself a gamer doesn’t entitle you to expect the world to be at your beck and call.

    You recognized the potential, so just relax and enjoy it when there is an update/demo that you want. In the meantime, just chill…

  • “Gamers have to learn that patience is a virtue.

    Calling yourself a gamer doesn’t entitle you to expect the world to be at your beck and call.

    You recognized the potential, so just relax and enjoy it when there is an update/demo that you want. In the meantime, just chill…”

    Hey, I’m European so I know how to wait better than anyone – and I’m pissed off to no end.

  • Mcmas

    thats like asking “don’t you guys want oxygen?”

    Of course we want that!!

  • I think in the long run this blog is really going to work out. I like the fact that I’m finding out about a upgrade before it happens and the info is from Sony. Any clue when the update for Resistance is going to happen?

  • Seems like a decent update given that it’s not a full number or full tenth of a number. I’m glad they’re continuing to work on backwards compatibility and not leaving it in the dust like I had originally thought.

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  • I do commend Sony for the frequent updating of the PS3′ firmware. I like that.

  • Eric Lempel. So you’re the one who is responsible for the crap Playstation Store updates. Seriously, WTF do you do all day?

    I understand that SCE is hurting for $$$ right now, but I fail to see any reason why you can’t upload E-Z to acquire Sony content like music, old television shows, and movies to the store.

    Here is a simple business model for you to follow:

    Single music song w/ DRM $.99
    Single music song w/o DRM $1.19 (Undercut Apple and gain street cred!!!! Holla!)

    Single Boondocks episode w/ DRM $2.99
    Single Boondocks episode w/o DRM $N/A

    Single Crap Sony Pictures movie that sucks too bad to be put on Blu-ray Disc w/ DRM $5.99
    Single Crap Sony Pictures movie that sucks too bad to be put on Blu-ray Disc w/o DRM $N/A

    And so on…

    The brilliance of this business model is that:

    1.) It is super E-Z to implement (so easy an unpaid intern could do it!)
    2.) Are not free downloads so they pay for themselves.
    3.) Is great filler material in between demo and game droughts.
    4.) Makes Sony look competent to its customers, its competition, and to the industry as a whole.

    Remember Sony….

    You own this junk!!! Use it!!! : D : D : D

  • i thought something was wrong with my computer when i read in every single post:
    – “i want in-game XMB access”
    – “i want custom soundtracks”
    – “i want customizable backgrounds”

    you seriously think that they don’t know this already? sheesh. look what we’ve asked for already and gotten:
    – background downloading
    – upscaling
    – PSone games playable on PS3 too
    it’s obvious sony’s listening. now, everyone take their ridaline and have a little patience? sheesh!

    as for demos on the store, i want more too, but if sony doesn’t get them from the developers, what to you expect? write to EA, Ubisoft, Namco, etc. that’s what i did – i let them know that i want/expect demos. call me a fanboy, but i can’t be the only one that doesn’t think that sony’s not sitting on a pile of demos going “hee hee hee – let’s not give them what they want!”

  • WOW! Now this is what I’m talking about: Sony announcing to us about a firmware update because we told them about an issue.

  • yay updates are fun….but i have a issue with the 1.5>> for downloaded videos…it doesnt sound like them talking fast…it sounds like steven hawking talking fast…maybe solve that to?

    thank you for the constent updates….shows that your constently improving our ps3 :)

  • nice .. direct from sony ;) i would think this post to be to short for other blogs to refry but after seeing like 3 full posts based on a line or 2 of recent posts on ps3fanboy i am sure they will refry it bigtime … i can see the headlines now …

    “1.81 update tomorrow .. full RGB!”

    “Sony hints at backwards compatibility update in 1.81”

    “1.81 update available via the internet where is 2.0?”

  • This is one of the reason’s why official blogs are AMAZING. Thank you for the firmware heads-up.

  • Great. How about doing some work the PS3 instead of an old handheld system that barely any uses. The PS3 should be your top proirity.

  • Thanks Sony ! Keep coming with the updates ….

  • Keep ’em coming. Loving my Playstation 3 so far, it was definitely the best-fitting choice for use throughout my whole family: next-gen games and compatibility with (most) of my old PS2 and PS1 games for myself, HD Blu-ray movies for everyone, and thanks to the 1.8 update I can get all the music, videos and pictures on all three computers in the house sent straight to my Bravia and 5.1 system.

    But there are still a number of issues or improvements I’d love to see in the future. XMB access while in-game as mentioned earlier is definitely a big one along with better backwards compatibility and the possibility of personal soundtracks/playback of saved audio while in-game. Furthermore, it’d be great if upscaling could be improved to match the quality of the Xbox 360’s upscaling. As I’ve noticed from a few reviews of the PS3’s upscaling as well as an independent blogger’s comparisons of 360 upscaling vs. PS3 upscaling ( ) the PS3 seems to smooth out the entire image, which I have personally noticed myself blurs details in most cases, whereas the 360 seems to upscale and clean up the image and merely reduce aliasing on what’s being rendered, preserving detail while smoothing out the edges.

    Network-wise, the store feels very lackluster and a bit clumsy, and new content has been slow to arrive. I would absolutely love to see some form of special E3 content brought to it, so PS3 users can get a glimpse of what’s to come straight from the source, seeing what anyone walking the show floor would see right on their televisions, instead of going through news sites or blogs.

    As I’ve said, I love my PS3 and wouldn’t give it up for any other console, but I can’t deny it has its flaws.

  • Well done Sony. This is the kind of customer service I was hoping to get from my next gaming system provider. *Goes to the nearest store to finally buy a PS3.*

  • This update seems hardly worth the clumsy and time consuming updating process. Finding the cable, plugging it in, downloading, reading, installing, restarting…

    Can you update the updating process? Have you even seen how seamless and painless your competition has done it since launch?

  • i like everything the ps3 have to offer, but you guy need to make everything wrok well. i;m shure the game part is going to be good once game start comming out, the psn store is not that great, and the web broser need some more work..i hope you guys give 100% to all the diffrent features

  • Nismobeach: oh man thats just too funny .. i got money on that you couldnt do that in person .. unless your like a black belt … because if your jedi skillz are the same as your biz skills i dont think you should because you would get your ass WHOPPED.

    if it was THAT simple it would have been done MONTHS ago .. even a company as large as sony still needs time to coordinate such a massive offering .. many people to agree on little things … once you have your first girlfriend you will see that its not always easy to do that ;)

  • thanks for the heads up…i like to know when a new update is coming along…so then i can get it asap. by the way…the resistance fall of man and the manchester cahedral thing…ignore it…keep selling resistance…its the best game ive played in ages :)

    future firmare update: support to play .avi videos
    in game access to XMB

    i love my ps3 :)

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