Welcome, You’ve Been Waiting

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Welcome, You’ve Been Waiting

It’s with enthusiasm, eagerness and, honestly, a little bit of relief that we lift the cover on our first official Sony Computer Entertainment America company blog – welcome and sorry for the wait.

PlayStation.Blog is a bit of work in progress, we see it as a place where we can share with you our company’s collective insights, opinions and perspectives on all things related to SCEA, PlayStation and the industry we play in.

At the moment, we’re thinking about sharing all sorts of things here, ranging from product news and title announcements to developer updates and industry opinion posts – all of which will come straight from the people here inside SCEA who are working, thinking and playing with this stuff every day. Look to the categories on the sidebar for some initial thoughts we have on future post themes.

Now, what we’ve learned, perhaps the hard way, is that a blog like this is really about you and the things you want to hear, share and discuss with us. With that in mind, you’ll notice that comments are enabled – and encouraged – so tell us what you want to see here and we’ll do our best to make it happen. And yes, like most blogs, we have a comment policy, please just keep this in mind when you’re leaving a comment.

We imagine it may take us a short while to find our pace with this, but bear with us as we get underway and we promise we’ll quickly make this blog a valuable stop in your daily info hunt for PlayStation news.

Like we’ve said, we’re excited to finally have a platform for conversation and connection. Much more is in the works too, so we hope you’ll consider sticking around, kicking the tires of our shiny new blog and sharing what you think.


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  • … and not a moment too soon.

    Welcome to the internet. I’m sure everyone here is relieved to finally see an outlet like this, something ThreeSpeech certainly is not.

    Congrats on the new site.

  • Great job on making a blog. Keep up the good work.

    I’m hoping to see news here first about the latest PSP and PS3 firmware updates, Playstation Store updates, and upcoming new releases both at retail and on the PS Store.


  • @ Madmonkey

    Im pretty sure you can play MOST PS2 games by now. The recent patch really kicked in alot of new titles.

  • @sectionz

    Uses? you mean like playing games. Sorry but the 360 has the PS3 beat when it comes to Multimedia (hands down). I just want some games for the darn thing. You can rationalize things all you want it doesn’t change the fact that the PS3 is losing steam, I wish this were not true but it is and if they don’t start producing at a better rate its going to hurt them in the long run.

  • hehe .. live comment sidebar has already bit the bullet .. dont fear the reaper or you want get any crop.

  • I’ll just say this one more time!!!!! since i just left the huge post on the forums.

    Instead of giving us crap we dont need…try giving us GAMES!!!!! or how bout downloadable demo for games being released like GRAWII, R6:Vegas or even Warhawk or Socom…SOMETHING!!!!!

    something to make the current PS3 users happy…i dont care about this blog nonsense…i care about Xbox having more to download…more to play…and what about Sony??? well lets just say you guyz LOVE pushing games back…releasing crap to blow smoke up our behinds.

    my friend just got the 360 becuz he’s had PS3 since Nov 06 like myself and he got tired of playing >>>ONE

  • I’m really glad that this blog has been opened up. I’m looking forward to reading about my favorite system from well…the horse’s mouth. And I’m hoping this’ll finally be a place where our opinions may be heard and considered.

  • Well this is certainly a welcome development within the PS community. As long as you post frequent blog entry’s you should do pretty well, it’s those long times between entry’s that seem to get the masses riled, at least from my experience with other blogs.

    Congrats on the innaugural post, and I look forward to much more in the days to come…


  • Wow loucifer, just go, that has to be the most deconstructive post I have ever read in my life. It’s a step forward so what’s your problem?

    Games are coming, the box didn’t have anything until Planet and Gears so shattap.

  • It was a long time coming but I’m glad it’s finally here. I hope it is updated constantly, and not with the same press releases or news items that we see everywhere else…


  • Wow…too cool, now an official site to get the news first hand. At least I hope that’s how it’s going to work. Congrats Sony!!

  • @scapegoat

    Well without a doubt the x360 is more mutlimedia friendly than PS3 at the moment, but give those Firmwire updates time. Im quite sure that the rumored 2.0 update will make such stuff like mP3 playing possible. I’ve been waiting for the option to play music directly from my ipod. Im sure it will come.

  • Finally, I’m glad to see Sony putting on their PR cap. The forums are really a joke. :) Good work

  • its about time, thank you for making this

  • @scapegoat .. not losing in my house .. just sent in my first 360 for repair so i have not been able to try connect360 to give it a side by side comparison .. but i did try and it was no where as simple as oh .. there is my media server right there int he XMB.

    games .. i have resistance, VTennis (yeah i will admit it .. just beat the crap out of nadal this morning so i win the french open not him!), oblivion, splinter cell, motorstorm and about 4 others + some PSN stuff .. do i need more games .. yeah totally.

    im in no rush because i look at the 26th of this month and the first week of july as a direct deposit at gamestop! i know where your coming from but there is nothing sony can do to put these things out faster (well maybe there is demos maybe) .. so patience is required.

    if not then just sell it to someone who wants one .. then get another around xmas time when your missing out bigtime ;)

  • thepoet03@gmail.com

    Congrats Sony I’ve been a fan for a long time but I really hope you guys take our advise and have a big team if you even get a few of your fans on here and use half our ideas PS3 could become huge. You’ve been needing something like this for a long time.

    I hope we get lots of updates and chance to to give feedback and ideas. I suggest a poll of the day much like gamefaqs.com does you can learn more about you fans what we want in an easy way and make the changes needed.

  • It’s about damn time! :)
    Can’t wait to read upcoming blogs, especially the ones made by devs! (Developer Corner FTW)

  • Congrats Hope this has the best news and best of wishes.
    Just make sure you keep the trolls out, other than that good luck.

  • Good job Sony! This will be great for business and even better for the fanboys.

  • looking forward to a little more insight from you guys! please have some serious posts, in depth posts and opinions and don’t make them ALL fluff!

  • About freakin time..:p

    help us to enjoy our next gen console even more by showing and telling us what is coming up for us in the future of the PS3.
    We will help you by leaving comments of how you can make it an even better system….
    but PLEASE!!!Give us some games;)

  • Yah, this is a step in the right direction considering gaming is becoming more and more about community, but how about we get some games now Sony? I mean last I checked this was a game console, ummmm it still isn’t it? ;)

  • @rukusa: you can play mp3s now .. and mp4s and m4vs and mpeg2s and a bunch of other stuff! … try out http://www.twonkymedia.com for some sweet DLNA software that will turn your PC (or mac which is how i use it) into a media server.

  • Finally a place for big news. I don’t have to search every game site seeing which one has the announcement. Thanks guys!

  • Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  • How about a playstation.blog F@H team?

  • Congrats on releasing this! I’m looking forward to getting my PS news from here on a regular basis!

  • This is going to be really nice like 15-20 min of everyone find out about it an almost 100 hits this blog site will blow up once starts filling up with info.

  • At least Sony wants to hear our voices now lol ;).

    This way they can get informed of what they should do.

    Besides I cant help but to feel some symptahy for you guys. With all due respect you made some bad business decisions and youre juggling too many things at once ( price & new format ).

    But hopefully it will be all good in the long run :).

  • Great news, congrats! I’m looking forward to hearing more from you guys about PS3 and PSP related news and hope you will also listen to all the feedback you will receive here.


  • well done. are we in europe going to get this today aswell? or we just gotta do the usual waiting and hanging onto american coat tails??

  • I love how peopole talk as if: Sony has games, but they’re secretly keeping them back because they don’t want you to play.

    These games don’t appear out of thin air. Besides, if you check the September release dates on IGN, we have a new game for nearly every day of the month.

    Shut up with the lack of games argument.

  • Dear Patrick,

    Although I fully understand appreciate this may not come under your territorial jurisdiction, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could try to explain the rather amazing difference in regards to content and quality of the PlayStation Store’s between the United States and Europe.

    Initial explanations have left PlayStation fans in Europe, specifically that here in the United Kingdom, dumbfounded as it was said that Sony needed to translate every bit of content to various languages.

    Why can’t we, in the United Kingdom, have the same PlayStation store as that in the United States?

    Thank you,

  • cool, but this better not be that big announcement i’ve been hearing about!

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  • I don’t know… we’ve been hurt before. How about some results now, eh?
    and I’ll gladly run the playstation store if the spots available…

  • well now just tell me Metal Gear Solid 4 wont be coming to the 360 so i can finally go out and get a PS3………

  • I dont mean to be “destructive” and im not here to “blow up” Sony…im just sick and tired of playing ONE game since Resistance in Nov 2006 and everything else is slated for months down the road or has gotten pushed back for weeks or months..PS3 is getting this, its getting that…talk is CHEAP!!!!

    This simple…put up or shut up!!!

  • eksman the big announcement was the agency >.>

  • The Playstation Team Discovers Blogging « underkill

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  • color vs colour
    shop vs shoppe
    bush has to approve all content ;) LOL

  • Hi great to see a blog at last from Sony and maybe a podcast will develop? I also as above would like to ask about the European Store it seems that the European side of things are neglected.

    Anyway Great Blog

  • @crybaby: I PROMISE. I WILL NEVER DIE.

  • I am glad to see this added to the playstation universe. Will this be tied in with PS3 in any way?

  • this is a good idea!! hopefully we will see results from it.

  • Great idea guys. I will definately be checking this out daily.

  • Wow, this is great! Thank you for starting something like this. I just wish I would have been able to use my PS Underground/GAP login, instead of having to make a whole new user account.

  • Sony@

    I think that in your best interest you should glue MGS4 & FFXIII to the PS3 D:

    It would be a really bad move if you were to wonder if you could get a solid spot as a game console without the major fanbase of those 2 games.

  • THANK YOU SONY! we have long be waiting for something like this! Could you also please delete xbox/wii trolls comments because they only mean to create a flamewar & ruin place like threespeech.

  • Great idea here. Hope it’s updated constantly!

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