Welcome, You’ve Been Waiting

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Welcome, You’ve Been Waiting

It’s with enthusiasm, eagerness and, honestly, a little bit of relief that we lift the cover on our first official Sony Computer Entertainment America company blog – welcome and sorry for the wait.

PlayStation.Blog is a bit of work in progress, we see it as a place where we can share with you our company’s collective insights, opinions and perspectives on all things related to SCEA, PlayStation and the industry we play in.

At the moment, we’re thinking about sharing all sorts of things here, ranging from product news and title announcements to developer updates and industry opinion posts – all of which will come straight from the people here inside SCEA who are working, thinking and playing with this stuff every day. Look to the categories on the sidebar for some initial thoughts we have on future post themes.

Now, what we’ve learned, perhaps the hard way, is that a blog like this is really about you and the things you want to hear, share and discuss with us. With that in mind, you’ll notice that comments are enabled – and encouraged – so tell us what you want to see here and we’ll do our best to make it happen. And yes, like most blogs, we have a comment policy, please just keep this in mind when you’re leaving a comment.

We imagine it may take us a short while to find our pace with this, but bear with us as we get underway and we promise we’ll quickly make this blog a valuable stop in your daily info hunt for PlayStation news.

Like we’ve said, we’re excited to finally have a platform for conversation and connection. Much more is in the works too, so we hope you’ll consider sticking around, kicking the tires of our shiny new blog and sharing what you think.


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  • Congrats, Sony folks. Been looking forward to this!

    Love, Joystiq

  • I wonder if this is going to be a place to read about the company’s insights, or PR’s insights.

  • I hope this doesn’t mean ThreeSpeech is going away, I’m a contributor and thoroughly enjoy reading it.

  • @Reason58: This will be a forum for insights within the company, from all departments. Yes, there will be posts from the Public Relations team, but we will not edit or scub posts from other departments. They will stay authentic.

    @benfurneaux: We will be working in conjunction with ThreeSpeech.

  • Great Idea! Hope to read the Playstation-News here first. I have an Eye on this Blog ;-) (from JlMMYs Blog). Could you tell me where the LocoRoco Walkthrough is gone?

  • Very good Sony, taking a proactive step to lead your community and communicate with your fans and the public about your plans.

    I’m impressed, keep it up, now that you have this blog set up, I hope to see it update regularly and not on a monthly basis.

  • Yeah, the ThreeSpeech area of the sidebar is a good indicator that it’s not going anywhere. =p

    This is a good idea, I hope this blog is updated often.

  • Bout freakin time!


  • @Patrick Seybold – Good news, any way we can get involved with this site too or is that TS’s main purpose?

  • awesome … let the real fanboys come forth. having bought my 3rd ps3 (thanks to that sweet DLNA uPNP connectivity) it will be nice to have a place that is ALL playstation ALL the time in ONE place instead of having to jump from deviceFanboy blog to deviceFanboy blog!

    I really hope this will be a REAL blog .. like a million posts a minute kinda stuff ;)

  • So can you guys announce the PSP slim now? PLease!?

  • Very nice to see something like this finally come about. Hopefully this will turn into a good source to find out about PSN updates and what’s coming soon in general.

  • Unify your online service, make it more robust. Bring it to PSP properly! And add rumble to the Sixaxis and I’ll be a happy PS gamer. =)

  • And all this time .. I thought I had the official site :) (Oh wait .. mines only for the PS3 and limited to Linux … never mind)

  • I hope this blog is regularly updated and put to good use! ;)

  • Excellent. Bring on the good news! Sony has needed a place to brag about what a great system the PS3 is.

    Here’s a request to upgrade the PS3 functionality: Add a RSS reader and podcast downloader! It’s a little awkward using the controller to surf the net through the PS3, and having the content automatically downloaded would be a big time saver and very AWESOME!

  • So what’s the deal with the US getting so few PS1 games and no new PSP colors?

  • Destructoid Niero

    Better late than never :)

    Love (usually),


  • Good move. Please keep this blog updated regularly so this blog becomes great :)

  • cool…

    Now release some games.

    (OH and tell SCEE to get at least 1 (wipeout) on the PSN store).

  • ….1 ps1 game :P hehe

  • i truly hope this blog is consistently with up to the minutes info to inform the eager playstation community of what is going on.
    Hope this prevails!

  • Finally :p

    Congrats Sony, keep the blog updated, it is a good idea.

    Exophase Games Network

  • Congrats on launching your new blog. Welcome to the year 2005! ;)

    Your blog is difficult to read on mobile devices. Does it work well on the PSP? Consider your audience!

  • I am sure you are aware of the demand for in game XMB access. Are there any plans to install this feature soon or will other applications take priority over this feature?

  • I hope this isn’t updated by bots :P

  • Congrats!

  • AWESOME JOB! We’ve been waiting for this!

  • I own your system and truly hope that you all get your *&^% together and produce some games. So far you have been busy making stupid commercials and trying to promote an Second life on steroids online system.

    I have hope for the PS3, but as of now it is a 600 dollar paperweight.

    I know your diehards would rather take a bullet then admit the PS3 is a bust so far but they know its the truth. You have 1 year to turn things around (get going)

  • Welcome to the fold. Been looking for an official source for some time.

  • where are the ps1 titles for psn? you guys finally let us play them on ps3 but no new releases in months. how about “tomba 1 and 2?

  • This is cool can’t wait to see it grow


    Grow up man this isn’t N4G keep trash talk an flaming there please.

  • you have to use the just fit setting on your psp .. no special sizing like the psp.us.playstation.com homepage ;) .. looks fine in that mode though.

  • Awesome. I love how you guys are trying to reach out to the community. Hopefully you take our feedback seriously and actually use some suggestions to make the PlayStation brand better!

  • Congrats on the blog Sony….I own all your systems, excluding the PS2/DVR. I love all the playstation products and hope that soon I’ll be able to sample the online beta of Home.

    Keep up the great work, give us gamers what we want….THE GAMES!!

  • Congrats guys! This is something Sony has needed for quite some time. Hopefully we won’t be seeing the conflicting reports kind of thing anymore.

  • @scapegoat .. considering the ps3 has like 12312312 uses your out of line eh? but all you need is a bit more patience .. games cannot be pulled out of the arse .. they are OBVIOUSLY on the way (sony gamers day HELLO) … waiting is hard to do but just makes the reward for being an early adopter all the sweeter.

    go fire up resistance and take out some of that steam online ;)

  • Congrats, Sony!

    I wish you all the luck. Folks are gonna be watching what you say here like rabid little puppies.

  • Congrats guys hope this does well.

  • Thanks. Finally we have something like Major Nelson and hopefully you guys will respect our opinion and consider the feedback we give like he does.

  • @dodgefate

    I dont flame, it was more of a rant. I know you want to protect your brand or whatever but unlike you if a company screws up I have no problem calling them out on it, whether it be the Wii’s graphics or the 360’s rings of death. Fanboys like you give gaming a bad rep, grow up!

  • Great idea, hope you keep it updated! This could make a big difference in the “Sony doesn’t listen to its consumers” argument.

  • Awesome. Alot of us have been waiting for this!!!!!

  • now about home and warhawk beta when are there going to be new ones.

  • Congrats on the playstation blog,hope you guys improve your services with the feedbck you receive from us loyal fans

    Also,could you try updating the backwards compatibility for more ps2 games..this in regard to the PAL users.Stuck here wanting to play MGS2 on the ps3 but can’t.

    *raises orange juice*,”here’s to a bright future of the playstation.”


    Reporting for duty,Sir!!

  • yeaah this is awesome ! :)

    By the way Sony, on a side note, you should sign more exclusive contracts on games:

    3 suggestions: Yakuza 3, Shadow Hearts 4, Gungrave 3

    You will thank yourself if you do that. Especially for Shadow Hearts 4 :).

    anyways, awesome blog, finally we’ll be able to communicate with you guys like this,

  • This is so great. Thank you Sony Playstation you guys support your fans and customers the best.

  • congrats sony

    But i would like to comment on the thursday updates, Why are we not getitng demos and downloadble games on a constant basis?

  • Congratulations for the blog…..looks like i found a great place to visit for news

  • 1st thing I’d like to recommend: In-Game XMB access for music, friends list

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