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We love talking to you…

Outside of this brand spanking new blog, we here at SCEA rarely get a chance to talk directly with our consumers – you! But, one of the few places we have always had a chance to talk directly with our consumers, from nearly the very beginning, is on our PlayStation trucks.

Some of PlayStation’s biggest fans have shown up to talk with our crew members in the past. Often, you fans show off your sweet PlayStation brand tattoos. We recently had one guy come by, but our crew missed getting his name! We want you to help us find him. Anyone recognize the owner of this tattoo?


If you do, tell him to contact us via our feedback form – we want to set him up with some PlayStation swag! We met him in Riverside, Calif. at a Best Buy store in January of this year while he visited our PlayStation Patrol truck. In the meantime, keep talking with us here on the blog, and be sure to visit our trucks and talk to our crews! We want to see more PlayStation tattoos!

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  • I’ll get a PS tattoo if Sony will sponsor me and my new podcast to do it. Publicity for you, free stuff for me :P

  • Any chance one of the trucks will come to the East Bay area of California any time soon? Been hoping for a taste of that Playstation Experience myself, but am limited in how far I can travel and the ammount of time I can be away from the house, being on daily kidney dialysis.


  • Hope your bringing a truck to the Stampede Rodeo in Calgary (Greatest show on earth!) this year. Saw the truck there last year but it wasn’t updated with the PS3 yet…

  • bring one to downtown nashville, that’d be awesome. XD


    I would’ve shown mine but it’s in a private area.

  • Yes, like quilliry said, come to Nashville (or Franklin or Brentwood).

  • That leg looks animated, and if it is, it looks

  • Is that tattoo in real-time? ;)

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • I wish the truck came more to my area (Toronto Canada) but sadly it doesn’t as far as I know. I always hear it being in the States.

  • i would like sony to come to my home town kilkenny ireland

  • Propz.

  • I’m curious. Are the trucks intended to bring awareness of primary gaming, secondary playstation or tertiary playstation 3 games? Assuming those are the priorities….

  • The one time it came to the Seattle area I wasn’t able to go, still hoping it shows up at a time when I’m not busy with homework.

  • ya that truck is never comin to Montana

  • I’ve seen the PlayStation truck around, but it has been a while.

    As for the tattoo, I may not be big into them, but I’d certainly like to have a PlayStation logo or controller as one. :D

  • Come to San Diego, CA!!! I would so get a tat for some free (Exclusive) sony products!

  • That is so last-gen.

  • funtownarcade- Isn’t that like saying, “Playing games is so last gen”?

  • I bet he wishes he’d left the cord off now that the sixaxis is here.

  • He’s boned if they ever decide to drastically change the controller.

  • I cannot see this picture and I think the truck will never come here,I’m in CHINA!

  • what the hell you guys where in riverside, damn, i want there. O well i think i saw that dude somewhere. can remeber. but i remeber that tatoo.

  • blaireau … c’est trop laid …

  • Hi-Def tatoos? It’s not a sixaxis controller, he must be afraid of next gen.

  • Getting a video game peripheral tattooed on your arm is about the most nerdy and worthless thing you could ever do. Why would you do such a thing?

  • i was at one of these trucks. it was awesome. resistance, motorstorm, madden 07???? they were giving away things but i got there late :(. my friend told me about it rather late. it was very depressing.

  • The Truck never comes to NYC :(.

  • Playstation Trucks is a neat idea. I hope one comes in my area one day so I can check it out personally.

  • I agree with Zor.

  • The trucks are great! Keep them comming. I got to play Ratchet & Clank : Size matters two months before it was out in stores thanks to the truck at the Long Beach Cycle Show. (Yeah, I was the guy hoggin’ the PSP, sorry but it was worth it…)

  • I’d like to see the truck in New York City. Would be awesome!!!

  • ill get a tattoo of that for free >.> stuff, yeah the trucks never come to nyc-_- whats up witht hat?

  • Yes, like quilliry said, come to Nashville (or Franklin or Brentwood).

  • Joystiq posted a picture of a man who had a tatto of the iconic ^ox[] buttons…wonder if it’s the same guy

    Hey Sony send those trucks over to the San Fernando Valley sometime, plenty of fans here waiting for them!


    Please someone post something about the lastet store update so that we have a place where we can go to express our frustration

    Thank you

  • i want more bananas or no more store updates ever !

  • I bet that dude would be dedicated to making sure the PSN content rocks.

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