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I have to confess: ever since Folding@home launched on the PS3 I have been following the stats and the news to see how it is doing. The results have been exceeding expectations. Also, the blogger response was quite amazing – so I’ve had a lot to read.

There are also some cool videos to watch: GameDaily hosts a retro-style video that makes fun of the effort, but still manages to be inspirational. GamePro hosts Dan’s Gaming Blog, highlighting the dangers of running Folding@home. I love this stuff. Do you know of other PS3 Folding@home videos?

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  • I am hooked on the stats with Folding at Home. I would suggest some sort of feedback with the cell divisions processed to keep things interesting such as: “User Daxter processed cell name villin123 which produced a unique and useful result.” If it was some how automated it would give an extra sense of accomplishment to the process and maybe competitiveness to encourage more Folding.

  • I love Folding@Home, and so do most of my friends. The choice to add this was a beautiful, very exceptional choice. My friends mom has been diagnosed with a form of breast cancer, and I showed her the program, and told her how me, and hundreds of thousands of other people across the globe, are trying to help her and others like her, with the help of my game console. Every person accounts for something, and with progress like this, we will change the world. Thank you Sony.

  • folding is awesome .. it is, my idol ps3s do it.

    BUT .. what would make folding a killer idol app is the ability to play music while you fold ;)

  • good for you sony. im happy to help you fold but how about XMB access while folding so that way i can help you fold more and you help me keep track of message and listen to music.

  • I’m very happy to leave my PS3 on when I’m not using it to Fold. If ever I want to check emails, listen to music or do anything else for that matter with my PS3, I just close the program and reopen it later, no XMB access needed, don’t feel like, “Guilty” about not folding for a couple of hours :P

  • I have a certain day each week I leave my PS3 on to fold, but I also have my system set up to the lowest threshold of “idle” so that it turns on if nothing else is happening. I must admit it feels pretty good to be helping even in a small way. And it is amazing to see how the various PS3 groups are tearing there way through the lists of “work units”.

    I hope in the next few years other distributive computing efforts can happen on my PS3, but I would love to see Sony have it own distributive computing efforts. Someone at Sony should think up a project.

  • I agree with sectionz. I download the 1up Yours podcast and listen. I’d love to be able to run the world map as a screensaver while the show ran. I would also like the ability to really map where I was on the globe with GPS info for me and my friends or folding group 55054. That would be awesome. It, more than anything else brings a sense of community to the PS3. Maybe you should put a spinning updating F@H world globe in HOME. That would be cool.

  • Whenever I am not playing a game or watching a movie my PS3 is Folding @Home. I have over 164 work units, I love it.

  • XMB access would be nice, but like stated, it is not even necessary. The program is meant to be run while the machine is not doing anything else, like when your out at work or something of the sort. Got about 120+ wu’s……anyone else in the Folding@home 100 club?


    I find it funny and sad that as soon as F@H was released on the ps3, rumors about the xbox360 folding started.

  • Would it be possible if Folding@Home can work in background, while playing game. Because most users won’t use the Folding@Home program if there are not playing their PS3. I think that’s because they don’t want to waste their electric bill at the end of the month. So i hope if Folding@Home and the developer team can work it out to make Folding@Home work its data in the background, so more user can contribute to the Folding@Home program while they are playing their PS3. Hope this will happened to the future updates.

  • I play games and stuff on my PS3 about 20 hours a week, the rest of the time it’s folding. I’ve been folding since the update came out, joined a team and the system’s been on for at least a month and a half straight now. I turn it off during thunderstorms or FW updates, to be safe.

    Running this on my PS3 also gave me the idea of running it on my home PC too, so now between the two, I have 208 WU done and 61,000+ points in 3 months.

    Of those WU, ‘only’ 186 has been done by my PS3. :)

  • Working in a cancer lab, this program has always had a special place in my heart. However, there seems to be a glitch. If you exit while sending a WU to the server the unit will be counted on teh server and the system will resend the WU when you sign back on. Does that affect how Stanford does their stats?

  • folding home is good,But where are the games like heavenly sword.demo stuff like that.

  • @ Monkey-King

    “but I also have my system set up to the lowest threshold of “idle” so that it turns on if nothing else is happening.”

    Can you elaborate a little on what you by your system being set up to the lowest threshold of idle?
    Thanks in advance

  • Idle means that it will turn on F@H if the system has been idle for so many minutes. It’s like turning F@H into a screensaver.

  • Ok, I didn’t know if he meant that. So he just means he set it to go into F@H after 10 minutes.

  • I’m a huge folder. I get two to three WU done a day and fold for the PS3forums team. Great job to Sony for adding this to the PS3 for a great cause.

  • There has to be a folding at home lite version. Like, one we can use while we play a game. Plus, the harddrives of the people who have the 20gigs will fill up fast and they will delete Folding. EX: the light version should ONLY JUST connect to stanford, but with no globe.

  • im getting a ps3 in 2 days and ill be sure to do some folding when i get it!

  • folding at home is great but i would like it if sony could implement a box on the screen that shows your ps3’s cpu temp and current speed kinda like tools that pc overclockers use that would be cool cause i actually bought another ps3 just for folding. i also wonder if sony could make just a folding ps3 with like a small hard drive and no blu ray dvd player

  • Whe at www. PS3 have an own group of members who joint together and making a lot off effort to help research at Folding Home..its a great thing you did with this SONY …respect!!

  • Here’s a little tip for those who use F@H constantly and want to do more while folding…

    Set a home page for your profile:

    It’s limited memory and only 1 browser window, but better than nothing!

  • I’d mostly like to see it possible to do folding while downloading from the playstation store, or at least after downloads are finished. When I have a large download, I generally start it before I go to bed at night, and after the download finishes, the PS3 just sits there.

  • I havent been using folding at home since the first day I tried it because I dont want to leave my PS3 on all the time to use it. It would be nice to have it run in the background while you surf the net, play games and such. Then I would actually use it. Hopefully this can be constructed sometime in the future.

  • So who does one ask about rsx support in linux? I’ve never heard anything definitive, but it would be nice to get at least an official “we’re working on it” or “it’ll never happen”.

  • I fold all the time. When I’m asleep, or at work. I think it was sheer genius to allow PS3 users the oppurtunity to help find cures for diseases. All I gotta say is XMB PLEASE!!

  • 168 Work Units! Woohoo!

  • along with the ability to fold@home it would be great, if possible, if we could listen to music we customise ourselves thru options in a folding@home folder if there is one or somewhere, or be able to listen to game music.

    thanks for listening :)

  • @senatorpjt:

    In 1.8, they stealth updated background downloading so it will now background download while folding if you queue up any downloads.

  • 110 work units!!

  • boards team FTW!

  • @ Slimer

    I don’t think you will ever be able to do anything on the PS3 while you are Folding, simply because the Cell has to do so much work folding a unit that it couldn’t possibly do anything else at the same time.

    Leaving your PS3 on all the time will not hurt it, its built for it. I’ve not had mine off since I got it in November.

  • I love F@H and I have 160 wu plus my team56255 is in the top 1500 :)

  • I think my ps3 got a good job!

  • It’s a good idea…hopefully all that power being used isn’t damaging the environment in any way though?

  • 1st f@h is awsome i just wish i didn’t havta worry about using too band width and slowing down the internet for everyone else on the same router 2nd i think it’s funny the ps3 gets f@h and people find out it can be left on for months where as i leave my 360 on for one night and it breaks down …lol and they say the 360 is better

  • I just passed 100 work units today.

  • just passed..
    points: 47732
    wu: 211

  • The only thing better than scoring points on F@H with a PS3 is scoring 70% more points with an ATI GPU that costs several hundred dollars less.

  • Folding@Home is great & I’m glad to be a part of it. Very good news on it’s success indeed.

  • What is Folding@Home anyway? I have heard a lot of people talking about it but i have no idea what it is.

  • We hare a Team in Portugal, Folding@PS3-Team member in Portugal@Folding.
    We all heve a PS3 in Portugal and when we are not playing we are folding.

  • It does seem to be very successful, and let’s hope yields some medical breakthroughs.

    Trying to get more people in the UK to get involved by highlighting on my blog.

  • With all due respect, I don’t understand why this is on my gaming machine.


    Please someone post something about the lastet store update so that we have a place where we can go to express our frustration

    Thank you

  • Coming on close to a 110 WU done love folding when I’m not playing resistance

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  • » Blog Archive » Folding@home Update

    […] just wanted to follow up on some comments from my earlier Folding@home post and provide some quick statistical […]

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